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Preparing for an Interview

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Preparing for an Interview? Consider a new hairstyle, color or cut!

It’s pretty scary when you think of it really, that the first few minutes in meeting a prospective employer can make or break the deal! Experts have told us this for years and still stand by those findings. They estimate that 80 to 90 percent of all information in any interaction is nonverbal. Carol Bruess, a social scientist at the University of St. Thomas tells us, “I don’t think any of us should underestimate the importance of a first impression. We take in most of our information about people from the nonverbal cues, including the way our voice sounds, the hat we have on, the suit we’ve chosen, the way our hair is cut, how much makeup we wear.”

“Preparing for an Interview? Get
a New Hairstyle”
Searching for a job is tough enough in this market but when your 50 something, age discrimination can be all too true of a reality. I know about what a new hairstyle update can do for the average woman or man and it’s well worth considering if your searching the job market these days. Linda Froiland, an image consultant says, “It’s not what you are that counts, it’s what they think you are.”

Here are some new hairstyle ideas to consider if you are a baby-boomer out in the job market preparing for an interview. Look for a new hairstyle that is age appropriate and is modern and updated, especially if you are applying to a company that deal with young clients or handle trendy merchandise. Not everyone needs to give a “business” like appearance. Your over-all look should reflect the feel of the position.

Interview HelpInterview Help

New York hairdresser Sean James Decuers and colorist Rita Hazen share these makeover ideas for preparing for an interview.

Decuers cut this classy, modern inverted bob with sides longer than back and wispy layers to soften and add volume. Hazen added bold, bright, high lights, lighter in front and getting darker in back. Who can wear it? All hair types but especially great for fine hair to pump up the volume. Fits all face shapes. “Use a thickening spray on damp strands to give it more movement,” says Decuers. A good choice: Charles Worthington Big Hair Full Volume Conditioner.

Interview HelpInterview Help

Decuers cut in a full bang just past the outer corners of the eyes then layers were razored into her one-length-hair. Hazan added caramel high lights throughout to give her brown more depth.

Is it for you? If you don’t want to cut off much hair this is perfect. Bangs need trimming every three weeks, so ask your hairdresser how to do it yourself, or if he offers free touch-ups. Curl bangs under slightly with a paddle brush. “They look prettier if not blown stick straight,” says Decuers.

Besides considering a new hairstyle try asking a variety of people to be brutally honest with you about how you look, how you sound, if you have any annoying mannerisms or just any input for self improvement. If you decide to go with a new hairstyle or haircolor, good idea to have it done a week or two ahead of time, so you have some time to work with your new hairstyle while preparing for an interview.

For more great bangs styles check out our Pinterest Beautiful Bangs Boards.


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