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    Greasy Bangs; DIY Insider How To Secrets

    Greasey Bangs

    Surefire Ways to Prevent Greasy Bangs

    Greasy bangs can hijack your style and make you look tired, dirty and downright messy. Learn a few quick fixes for greasy bangs so you can save your style whether you’re on the go or primping at home.

    Greasy Bangs

    Why Bangs Get Greasy and How to Prevent It

    There are many different reasons your bangs might begin to look oily. You’re bound to be the best judge of what is weighing you down. Common reasons include:

    • Oils from your face/skin – Whether you have an oily complexion or your bangs gets oils from constant touching and fiddling with your hair, this is a common cause of greasy bangs. Fixing the underlying problem — be it blotting your face with blotting paper or finding a way to stop fidgeting — will cut down on oily bangs. It can be difficult not to touch your bangs, but the more you fidget, the more they’ll shine.
    • Too much product – If you regularly apply styling products to your bangs, they can become greasy from product buildup. Ditto on conditioner, which your bangs don’t actually need. Cut way back on the product to enjoy oil-free bangs.
    • Sweat: Sweat from excess humidity or a power workout will bring grease to your bangs. You can’t stop yourself from sweating, so the key here is prevention. You may want to grow your bangs out for summer so you can pin them back and hide your sweat, or else pull your hair back when you’re hitting up the gym.
    • Oily hair – If your hair runs oily in general, you are more likely to experience greasy bangs. Washing your hair and your bangs with a shampoo formulated for oily hair will help, as will following the other suggestions mentioned above.

    Greasy Bangs

    Top Fixes for Greasy Bangs

    Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your bangs can still get greasy. If this happens, you have a few options for fixing your style quickly. Proven methods include:

    • Pinning back your bangs – Definitely the simplest fix if you’re out and about, pinning back your bangs doesn’t remove the grease but it does camouflage your bangs (and grease) from sight.
    • Dry shampoo – If you keep dry shampoo in your purse or your car (hint: If you don’t, you should), a quick spritz will take the grease and oil right out of your bangs.
    • Wet shampoo – If you’re at home, you can give your bangs a quick shampoo (and towel/blow dry) with your regular shampoo. This is certainly more hands-on than either of these other methods — and will require you to re-style your bangs when they dry — but it will de-grease the bangs. As a rule here, don’t condition your bangs as that will only make them more oily.

    Bottom line is, bangs can be difficult and they may not be right for everyone. Hopefully these hair care tips will be helpful for keeping greasy bangs to a minimum. What other tips do you employ for keeping your bangs free of oil?

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