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    I stand corrected, yesterday I posted a rant about how frustrated I was at being able to find good hair product reviews on hair care products, that come across my desk.

    “Including Black Hair Product Reviews”

    I owe a big thank you to my dear reader  “rayoflight” who answered my call by posting a comment in yesterdays article about one of her favorite review sites MakeUpAlley. Keep them coming, I need more sites like this to review.

    I spent a few minutes with the site. It gets an A+ for scoring a direct hit for my need for hair product reviews. They have really done a good job of getting input from real hair product reviews from real people, and lots of them. The site covers the full gamut of beauty supplies, tools and products, and as you might expect from its name is heavily populated with content on cosmetics. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t up to par in the hair products arena, they are. Including good coverage of black hair product reviews.

    I am preparing an article about Sedu flat irons, so I used that is my little test. They passed with flying colors, I found several reviews and they were very well done, in fact one woman went on and on about her experiences with her purchase, the good, bad and the ugly.

    The site has some hair care forums and discussion boards that are very active there were 420 members in the board while I was present. An interesting swap area with kind of novel token concept that enables you to trade that curling iron you just bought that you dislike for someone else’s hair dryer. There were parts of the site that disappointed me at first. You must register with them in order to gain access to the good stuff. Not only do you need to register, they ask a bunch of personal questions, like my age . . . surely you jest, give me a break. My husband doesn’t even know what year I was born. The other turn off was no privacy policy, I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t give anybody my email address, without some iron clad privacy disclosures.

    I lied about my age and gave them a throw away email. I will rip them a new one if they start spamming the email address I gave them.

    Any way give it a look if you are wondering if the advertising claims for one of those “plastic surgery in a bottle” products leaps off the pages of Cosmo are for real.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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