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    PHYTO Hair Care Product Site Announced

    Phyto Hair

    PHYTO Hair Care Products Launches

    The PHYTO Hair Slogan “Where It Is Always All About You!” is pretty unoriginal, sounds like corporate happy talk, blah, blah, blah. I really wish these marketers would get rid of slogans like this. It sounds too much like “the customer is always first” “we aim to please”, “your number one” all of these phrases are so trite and overused that they have no effect on consumers. We hear so many of these slogans phrases that I almost tend to distrust the company that uses them. It’s not always about us, and we know it as consumers . . . it’s all about shareholders, who are they kidding? The good news is, we’ve got more competition coming into the hair care marketplace that will continue to keep prices in line for those of us who shop for hair care products online.

    But I really know nothing about Phyto Hair Care but here’s their press release for what it’s worth:

    Avenue You and Avenue You Online launches PHTYO Hair & PHYTOSPECIFIC

    (PRLEAP.COM) Avenue You and Avenue You Online launches PHTYO & PHYTOSPECIFIC

    PHYTO which could be sold exclusively through top hair salons, spas, and through high-end stores such as Sephora & Nordstrom. “Bringing PHYTO into our current product mix will only increase the integrity behind the Avenue You brand. It will also help complete our goal in making Avenue You a one stop beauty shop.” says President and CEO Brian J. Esposito. “The launching of PHYTO took many months to complete as it was a very important step for us. We needed to make sure it was done correctly and at an appropriate time.” continues Brian.

    Avenue You will continue to bring in top brand names such as PHYTO hair over the next couple of months. Having brand names such as OPI, T3, Bliss Spa, ect. helps make new online and in-store shoppers choose us over competitors. These manufacturers do not place their products to just any retailer or spa. It takes a lot of convincing and work to be approved an as authorized retailer or e-tailer. Also newly launched this month were the Zeno and Clarisonic line of hair care products. Zeno which was just featured on TV’s Extra top beauty products. The video feed of that footage can be found at: ExtraTV Beauty Tricks

    Be on the look out as Avenue You continues to expand. This expansion can only be accomplished throughout extensive customer services and through the distribution of products that work and are competitively priced. Any questions or concerns please feel free to email Avenue You directly at A certified trained beauty consultant will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

    About Phyto:

    “There is no such thing as bad hair; there is only poorly treated hair.”

    – Mr. Patrick Ales, PHYTO hair Founder and Innovator

    Mr. Patrick Ales is an innovator, an artist and a true visionary. At a very young age, he discovered that he had a dual passion for hair styling and the healing power of plants. While becoming one of the most renowned hairdressers in Paris, styling the hair of legendary women such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Catherine Deneuve, he also experimented with different plants and essential oils to create a variety of natural hair care products. In 1969, he opened his own salon (which is still in existence today) where he perfected his craft and tested his own botanical mixtures and concoctions. What grew from his vision is a complete and comprehensive line of hair care products that employs the synergy of plants to treat a variety of hair types and conditions. Today, each PHYTO hair formula stays true to Mr. Ales’ philosophy and is scientifically designed and tested in order to reveal beautiful, healthy hair. PHYTO drew inspiration from plants well before the emergence of environmental awareness. To this day, our family owned Phytosolba Laboratories carefully select the plants with the most beneficial properties to use in each product. Our solutions boast extremely high concentrations of active botanical extracts with clinically proven results. Our Phytosolba Laboratories are led by a team of scientists including doctors, pharmacists, biochemists, engineers, and botanists. The experience and talent of our distinguished experts allow us to offer our advanced hair care range based on highly innovative concepts and formulas. Identifying and selecting the active molecules in plants, and choosing their appropriate mode of extraction constitute the scientific approach adopted by the group in order to develop superior quality products. PHYTO scientists learned that every plant’s chemical structure is composed of more thPHYTO Hair products are not tested on animalsan 200 components where the juxtaposition of each element combines to form a single element. Following an initial selection of plants, it is necessary to choose the botanical parts of the plant that contain the greatest wealth of active substances (root, flower, bud, whole plant, fruit, gum, resin, sap, seeds, etc.) It is also essential to define the extraction (decantation, maceration, decoction, etc.) method capable of yielding the most powerful active agents. These scientific techniques insure the quality and effectiveness of all PHYTO products. PHYTO hair products are not tested on animals. Since their creation, PHYTO products have been packaged in glass bottles and aluminum tubes to minimize the use of preservatives and to maximize the effectiveness of the botanical formulas. While the stay-fresh nozzle of the aluminum tubes prohibits air from entering the containers, the boxes in which the products are packaged protect the formulas from light and heat. These two safeguards further preserve the integrity of our formulas. Beyond its primary function, this packaging symbolizes the pharmaceutical identity of the PHYTO brand while contributing to environmental protection.

    About Avenue You

    Avenue You, where it is always all about you! is a one stop beauty shop. Created by Lisa Esposito and her brother Brian to bring the finest hair, nail, skin, and body care products to all of their online and in-store shoppers. Lisa and Brian were able to create this new concept stemming from their father, Anthony Esposito’s, guidance and skills. Anthony Esposito was an originator in the beauty industry starting Esposito Beauty Supply, which then turned into Salon Professional Services. Salon Professional Services is the parent company to Beauty Plus and Avenue You. Salon Professional Services wholesale division calls on over 5,000 salons, spas and beauty boutiques throughout the state of New Jersey. The salon division is head up by Rudy F. Falco who has extensive background in sales, consulting, and purchasing. All of Avenue You product lines are extensively tested to make sure they stand up to all of their claims. Avenue You’s entire concept is being all about you, the customers. Avenue You’s in-depth customer service and product knowledge allows them to offer the best possible service in the beauty industry. Their stores are equipped with extensive staff and high inventory levels to always be able to serve their customers. Avenue You Online at, which was developed and created by Brian J. Esposito is now run by long time internet pioneer Richard C. Amate, takes all the same core concepts, however does everything possible to get an online shopper’s order to their doorstep as quickly as possible. Please read up on their customers’ testimonials at: Avenue You Online Shoppers Testimonials.


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