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    Custom Formulated Hair Color At Home

    Applying Hair Color Dye at Home

    Coloring your hair is a big deal whether you do-it-yourself, or go to a salon. Many people rearrange their entire weeks – sometimes months – just to get to the salon when their hair colorist has an opening. A great hair color looks beautiful and natural and a bad hair color . . . well, just looks bad! Whether it looks bad because the hair color isn’t a good match, it’s the wrong hue, or that the ends get too dark, (the biggest faux pas we see) once the damage is done, it’s not easy to undo!

    If you go for the drugstore route, you are limited to pre-packaged hair colors that may or may not match your natural – or desired – hair color. Using a boxed hair color doesn’t always guarantee the same result, from one brand to another, due to slight variations in production, and often times the  drug store product lacks the same high quality ingredients that make your professional salon hair coloring so much, well . . . nicer! But professional hair coloring is also hugely time consuming and can take a big bite out of your budget. So what is a time strapped, budget conscious girl in need of a touch up supposed to do?

    ESalon Hair Coloring Kit

    eSalon is an on-line site that offers professional quality hair color products delivered to your home at a fraction of the salon cost. Here is their mission statement,”eSalon has one mission–to deliver affordable custom hair color to your door. We’ve built an expert team and state-of-the-art color lab dedicated to making it easy, convenient and inexpensive for you to have the beautiful hair color you desire. Every time.”

     The process starts with an online hair profile. It is a custom built questionnaire formulated by eSalon’s hair colorists, who have years of experience working at salons in Beverly Hills, New York and Paris. I went through the process, a bit skeptical on whether the questions would be inclusive enough to give my accurate hair color recommendation. Within a few minutes, they had come up with the correct hair color level that I use. I’m aware that not everyone knows what percent of gray they have, or even what their natural hair color is, and those are just some of the important questions to know before giving a color recommendation. But, eSalon has a great help page with FAQ’s and how-to videos and a toll free number.

    Each order is individually formulated, bottled, and shipped from their Los Angeles hair color lab within two to three business days of your order. The price is about $25 per formula, includes leave-in conditioner, gloves, stain guard, stain remover, cotton pads and a 20% discount is available if you sign up for monthly deliveries.

    If you’ve had trouble getting the right color from OTC boxed hair colors, or aren’t happy with the quality of the hair color brand your using, this is an interesting alternative to check out. They have available demi-permanent (ammonia free) and permanent hair colors for single processing only.

    But, if you are considering changing your hair color by 2 levels or more, go into the salon and consult with a professional hair colorist. A professional not only knows the right colors for your skin-tone etc, but knows when you tell her that you want to go “a bit lighter” that there may be something going on in your life that needs more attention than highlights or base can fix. You’ll also know that you will leave the salon with a look that is flattering and most importantly, healthy for your hair.

    We’d love to hear from you. If you typically color your hair at home, would you pay more for a custom blended professional quality product? And if you’ve never tried to color your hair at home, would you try eSalon’s product?  Leave us a comment and let us know.

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