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    New Hair Color Ideas to Shake Off the Late Winter Blahs

    Valentine’s day came and went and there are still snow drifts are everywhere. Are the late winter doldrums already rearing their snarling heads? Perk up the spirits with a new style. Get a jump on spring with a new hair color!

    Choosing the Right Hair Color Type

    Before grabbing that fabulous hair color off the shelf, determine how permanent you want the change. Some hair color or dyes are permanent, and some aren’t.

    Semi-permanent hair color, whether standard or vegetable oil-based hair color, fades over time and lasts only about 20 shampoos. The entire hair must be re-dyed or the prior permanent hair color returns.

    Permanent hair color penetrates deeply into the hair follicle and dyes the hair more thoroughly. Do not, however, mistake thorough with shade; the deeper the dye reaches, the longer it lasts. So long as the dyed hair remains, it will mostly stay the hair color it’s dyed, though some fading might occur. Roots—newly grown hair—will have to be dyed to match.“Best Hair Color Ideas”

    Determining Complexion Type

    If only liking a hair color was the sole indicator that the color would look good on everyone. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. To maximize satisfaction and beauty, match the hair color with skin tone, complexion, and even eye color. Take each element and determine which overall type you are; any two elements determine complexion type.

    Cool Complexions

    Cool complexions are considered as those with eyes that are dark brown or black, dark blue or grey-blue, or hazel with white, grey, or blue flecks. The best hair color is generally black, dark brown, medium ash or golden brown, salt and pepper, or white. Skin tone is either dark, olive, brown, or pale with pink undertones.

    Cool complexions look great with best hair colors being a shiny black, ash browns, mink to platinum to icy white. If high lights are on the hair color change menu, make them taupe, honey, ash, or wheat shades for best coordination and a fabulous look.

    Warm Complexions

    On the other hand, warm complexioned people have eyes that are golden brown, green, green-blue, turquoise, or hazel with flecks of brown or gold. Their hair color ranges within deep browns with gold or red high lights, red, strawberry blonde, natural golden blonde, or grey with a yellowish cast. Usually, their skin tones are brown with either a pink or golden undertone, pale with either peach or gold undertones, ruddy, or freckled.

    Warm complexions look terrific with hair colors of auburn, chestnuts, dark browns, or golden browns, in addition to warm, gold browns with red high lights. Golden blonde hair color shades are great, too. Basically, any gold base or red-orange color would suit you very well. High Lights should include golden brown, copper, or golden blondes.


    Shake things up this winter. Revitalize yourself and choose a fantastic new look with a new hair color ideas!

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    1. i wore the pixie cut for a long time and numerous other hairstyles but i loved my short hair….the look was just exciting…..and fun…..although long hair is suppose to be real sexy and elegant i found the pixie look could be so too….

      Comment by NaturalDiivah — March 1, 2011 @ 6:51 pm

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