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    Hair Color Ideas; A New Temporary Hair Color Gloss

    Hair Color Ideas for Temporary Hair Color Gloss by Sebastian Professional

    A new temporary hair color has just been released again into the market and it’s befittingly called, Cellophane’s, by Sebastian Professionals.

    That’s good news for those of you who have permed or chemically relaxed hair . . . this is the hair color suited for you. Sebastian claims it is made from “all pure and natural color pigments”

    The word from my local Aerial Beauty Supply, is that salon owners are saying this temporary hair color gloss is better, softer on the hair and longer lasting than the original Cellophane’s from the 70’s.

    Cellophane HighlightsFamed hairdresser Nick Arrojo, of “What not to wear” held a media launch at his Arrojo Studios in February to reintroduce the newly reinvented Cellophane’s. Top fashion magazine editors tried out the new colors and were all gushy about how much they loved the results.

    “Cellophane’s” is a brilliant name for a temporary hair color that is formulated to give a shiny, glossy, transparent hues to the hair, don’t you think? Transparent means that it will stain the hair and your underlying color will stay and contribute to the overall temporary hair color you see.

    The original Cellophane’s first came into the salons back in 1976 and was the first temporary hair color of its type introduced to salons. “It’s been off the market for some years now before re-launching its newer, more luxurious version” says Sue from Aerial Beauty Supply Store. It’s sold to salon’s exclusively and is marketed to you for less than permanent hair color services, probably somewhere between the $20.00 and $50.00 range.

    Being a temporary hair color means it is formulated to fade out of the hair between 6 to 8 weeks. (Be a bit leery about that claim however and ask your hair colorist what to expect.) Usually temporary hair colors will remain on the hair longer than what they claim. The porosity of your hair will play a factor in how long the color will remain.

    Cellophane’s are a great way to try temporary hair color. This is especially true for those of you new to coloring your hair, or those who are a bit skittish about committing to a hair color change. Keep in mind though, these colors won’t lighten your hair, but will stain the hair instead eventually fading out.

    Cellophane’s are more gentle on the hair than permanent or demi-permanent hair colors because there is no ammonia, peroxide or alcohol in their formulation and therefore won’t penetrate the hair shaft. There are 9 hair colors to choose from or simply a clear gloss to add shine. The colorist can also mix colors for different results.

    Brunettes can choose from . . . Golden Brunette, Red Brunette, Deep Brunette or Clear Gloss. These can be used if your natural hair color is a light brunette or a natural blonde. Blonde’s will go darker with honey brown high lights apparently when using “golden brunette.”

    Blonde’s can choose from . . . Pearl Blonde, Honey Blonde, Golden Blonde or Clear Gloss. Pearl Blonde overlays and reduces yellow undertones.

    Red Heads can choose from . . . Gold Red, Red Red, Hot Red and Clear Gloss. Gold red gives hot honey hues and adds red to the gold tones and is good on dark blonde’s and existing red heads. A light medium blonde can go golden red. A dark blonde can turn medium copper-red. A light brown can go to copper shades.

    Everyone’s hair is different and will take to these colors a bit differently. Your underlying colors remember, will decide to your end results. Ask your colorist who will be able to give you the best ‘hands on’ knowledge of what you can expect from these new temporary hair colors.

    This may be your safest and most economical way to introduce color to your hair. And it’s Springtime ladies, a great time to add a bit of . . . bling . . . to your locks and for more highlight ideas check out our Pinterest Hairstyles with Highlights Board.




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    1. I’m thinking about using the golden blonde. I can’t get the hair color ideas I want from my salon. I have a nice dark neutral brown base and want bright and warm highlights. Instead I have beige looking hair. My styist today tried using a golden brown toner which didn’t really help. These beige highlights are washing me out. Would the golden blonde brighten them up? thanks

      Comment by judy — July 28, 2010 @ 11:25 pm

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