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    Hair Color Too Dark?

    The disaster of coloring hair too dark . . . happens often. But what you choose to do next . . . is what is most important!

    If your hair coloring project resulted in a hair color too dark, you’re not alone it is a very common outcome. Hair dyes are chemicals and it doesn’t take much of a misstep for some unanticipated results to occur. Here is a question from a reader who posted a comment on one of my articles this week:

    I used a permanent “Dark Warm Brown” 5 days ago. It is too dark. Can I put a “Light Warm Brown” on now to take it lighter? If yes, how soon can I re-dye it? Thank you! Comment by Katie


    Call 1-800

    My first advice is to call the manufacturers 800 number on the back of the box. They employ professionals who can determine the best route for you to take. They will need to know some history on what chemicals are on your hair now, what your natural color is etc. Be clear and accurate on your answers, swallow your pride and fess up no matter how badly you messed up. Keep in mind your answers are all they have to go on and if you are going to color at home again, you need their recommendation to be an accurate one. They will also advise if they feel you need to see a professional in order to get it right.

    hair color too dark

    Clarify or Highlight

    You may be able to lighten your hair to some degree by using a clarifying shampoo. The color will naturally lighten some each time you shampoo. If that isn’t enough, you can lighten it by adding highlights. Although there are at-home highlighting kits, using a professional can make a big difference in the artful application of highlights and your end results.


    Color Remover

    Another, more complicated route to take would be to go with a formulated color remover. One color remover that get’s top reviews is “Colorfix”. If you are going to use a color remover, be meticulous in following directions when fixing hair color too dark. Be sure to read the reviews at Amazon or Folica, they are always insightful.

    Hair Colorist fixing hair color too dark

    When You Need a Hair Color Fix . . . Who do You Call?

    Add this link to your bookmarks American Board of Certified Hair Colorists. You don’t want to lose any time in a hair color emergency. This resource might come in handy. The advice that I give in my class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You! still trumps. Calling a good hair salon in your neighborhood should yield the name and number of a good professional hair colorist.

    Remember, don’t skimp at this moment. . . re-mortgage the house if necessary when you have a hair color dye emergency. Pay whatever it takes to get the very best hair colorist, you’ll not regret it. The site also has some interesting technical information in the study portfolio, for those of you that need to know how hair color chemical reactions occur.

    And for all you hairdressers out there, this site is a must to keep your how to fix hair color skills at the top of your game.

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    1. I had blonde highlights in my medium brown hair. It was getting a little too solid. My hair dresser suggested to touch up my roots and give me some low lights. Meaning to pull some of the base through my hair. He first did base, dried and foiled the low lights. My hair came out for me too dark alittle red brown. You can see some of the high lights. I did not want this may low Lights. Will this lighten up the more I wash so you can see my high lights. This is just more low lights than I wanted. I wanted to still look blonde but with definition.what can I do besides going back and getting highlights. Too much process.

      Comment by Annette — September 16, 2011 @ 3:51 am

    2. Gertrudis,
      Your stylist is right! You cannot lighten your dyed hair without using bleach. It is a very tricky process at this point and to get it right, I highly suggest you have a professional take care of it. It may cost a bit up front to get it right, but it will be well worth it. You can always go to a beauty school to get it done for less $$$.
      Good luck,

      Comment by Barb Quinn — September 4, 2009 @ 10:47 am

    3. I dyed my hair black last year around July. On december I wanted it my natural hair color again (which is light brown), but my stylist said I couldn’t get that color on top of black, unless I bleached it (which I didn’t want to), so I got a dark brown dye. My hair is growing out darker now and I need any advice on how to getting it to grow lighter and, would applying lemon juice bleach my dyed hair, as well? Thanks! Please answer back!

      Comment by Gertrudis — August 30, 2009 @ 11:13 am

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