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    Hair Color: Try Some Contrast

    This Short Blonde Hairstyle Shows Off The Dark Roots

    To Update Your Look, Try Hair Color Tones That Don’t Usually go Together

    Hair stylists are playing with contradiction in hair color. But don’t think that contrast creates clash. According to Rafe Hardy, artistic creative director at Sexy Hair, each aspect complements the other, producing a yin and yang of classic looks with unanticipated, head-turning elements. “Bold, geometric shapes reminiscent of the 1960’s hairstyles and the bright hair colors of the 1980’s, but with new touches that add softness and artistic flair,” he says. Check out these hair color ideas to see how it works.


    Darker roots are back and if you have a lot of attitude, the more contrast-y the better! The look is most popular in short blonde cuts that are layered for movement and dimension. To give the darker roots even more exposure; rake strands to the side and separate them with pomade.
    A Brunette Bob Hairstyle Blonde Highlight Streaks


    Mixing up light and dark hair colors and positioning them close together makes darker hair look a little lighter than it really is. This brunette bob takes to blonde highlight streaks that move off the part line. Widely spaced highlights result in a fresher look that’s also less expensive to maintain than tightly spaced highlights.
    Blonde with long hair and spiraled curls


    Textural contrast comes into play when smooth hair in front and on top is combined with curls everywhere else. It’s also easier to do than if you put texture on top. Just blow-dry as usual, then use a curling iron to spiral up the length. Make the effect even bolder by wrapping some strands toward your face and others away from it.
    Long hair with two toned hair color: light on top dark on bottom


    If you have a flair for drama, have your long hair two toned with brunette at the bottom and blonde on top. Worn straight, the look is more striking; it’s a bit subtler when you blend the colors by iron-curling longer lengths. Consider hair extensions for the darker hair color shade if you don’t want to make a permanent commitment.
    Hairstyle with three toned hair color

    Triple Play

    You can mix up warm and cool colors when you break away from three tones that stay in the same family. To get the look, have your hair colorist choose a dominant hair color shade that works with your skin tone, whether warm or cool. Then place the opposite element close to your face but not directly against it. Here, the warmer red streak is cushioned with a cool blonde. For more great hair color ideas check out our Pinterest Hair Coloring Ideas Board.

    Article courtesy of Harris Publications

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