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    Hair Coloring Mistakes

    Hair Coloring Mistakes

    Salon Hair Coloring Mistakes Should be Corrected

    I am beginning to have gray strands. I went in to have the gray in my chocolate brown hair covered. The colorist used the hair color primarily on my roots and $80 later my roots are brassy red!! When I complained to him and the manager, both denied that the roots were brassy. Well I am home and my friends and family see the light red roots. What happened and can it be fixed?


    I really get mad when I hear a complaint like this! It’s obvious that your hair coloring is not satisfactory AND that the salon has flat out denied that there is a problem . . . . HELLO . . . is there anybody in there??

    What happened to the age old rule, “the customer is always right?” In a service business, it should not be hard to get good service! Is it really a waste of your hair colorist’s time and money, to re-do your roots and make things right? If they would think it through, showing some TLC and making it right, to your satisfaction, is a win-win scenario.

    I have to believe these guys just don’t “get it.” Sometimes however, in a busy, stressful, time sensitive schedule, a hair colorist may believe that an initial new hair coloring may tone down and fade a bit after a shampoo. Or, that the client might see their new hair color differently with a little time.

    I’m not trying to make an excuse here, but just letting you know what it sounds like they were being hopeful for. So if this initial discussion with your hair colorist and manager was at the salon after the service was done, I would call your hair colorist back first. You have $80. invested and as long as you don’t think he is incompetent, now is a time to be tactfully assertive to let him know you are unhappy.

    I would say something like; “I went home thinking that maybe I was wrong and that my roots might be just fine with a shampoo or two.” (Falling on your sword is always an easy out for others) “But, I’m just not happy and I still see light red roots. I’ve also had family members and friends say they see the problem as well. I’m sure there must be something we can do, so I thought I would call and let you know.” This is direct and to the point, but not in a blaming way. The problem of red roots can be fixed easily by a professional in hair coloring.

    Keep in mind, most hair colorists and salons want to keep their clientele, you are their bread and butter after all. They might need a chance to make it right. Any professional I’ve worked with would want to make it right!



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    1. Just read this and I already know the problem.Hair color goes through a lift and deposit phase.Heat from your scalp makes the developer lift more than the ends hence giving you hot roots. If your stylist cant see hot roots then find a new colorist.Hot roots come from too high of a volume of developer used.Its an easy easy fix too is the sad part.Time consuming but very simple.You dry the hair completely.Go back to the hot parts with the exact same color with a low volume no lift developer and redeposit onto your roots until shade matches the rest.Next time you make note and lower the developer volume.Basically what im getting at is they just want your money and dont want to work for it any more than they have to.Hot roots are an ameteur mistake.

      Comment by Erryns Health And Beauty — February 6, 2009 @ 8:55 pm

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