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    Hair Dyes Without Hair Damage

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    What if you could permanently dye your hair without the damage?  

    Its great news that we don’t need ammonia (and other allergens) in permanent hair dyes for them now to be effective.  Organic Color Systems , made by Herb UK, a company based in Lymington, England, has been available here in the states since 2002 and more and more hair styling professionals are embracing their line.

    I asked Marcie Rehkemper, industry professional and team member from, Organic Salon Systems, to tell us more about their ammonia free organic hair color line.

    How Standard Hair Dyes Work

    Most of us would associate permanent hair color with putrid smells and unavoidable hair damage. With the popularity of ammonia-free hair color on the rise, these concerns are becoming a thing of the past.

    Conventional ammoniated hair color is utilized to open the cuticle to allow the dye particles to penetrate the hair shaft. During this process the hair suffers a significant loss of protein and moisture. The pH of the hair is raised to such an irreversible level that after the process the cuticle remains open; the hair color then subsequently fades at faster rate. 

    Ammonia’s Negative Health Effects

    Exposure to ammonia has been linked to a multitude of negative health effects. For example, short and long-term exposure to ammonia has been linked to damage in the throat and lungs, eye discomfort, and painful scalp irritation. One study speculated that long-term exposure to ammonia may increase the rate of lung, stomach, urinary tract and lymphatic cancer.

    Some Mistakes Are Being Made

    Unfortunately, many hair color lines that claim to not feature ammonia, replace it with excessive amounts of Ethanolamine (MEA or ETA). The mistakes being made is the replacement of ammonia with MEA and without another alkaline base. Vast majorities are using a very high percentage of MEA; ergo, the same amount of hair damage is occurring.

    A Better Alternative Hair Dye

    MEA is a better alternative to ammoniated hair coloring systems (in its recommended amounts) because it does not raise the hair’s pH levels to that of ammonia’s.

    Most importantly, once the hair cuticle is expanded for dye penetration, MEA still allows for the cuticle to close when treated with a conditioner after the hair color treatments. The conditioning process restores the hair’s pH and locks in the hair color for beautiful, healthy looking hair.

    Your Solution!

    Eco-friendly and cruelty free hair company Organic Salon Systems provides ammonia-free hair color with MEA derived from coconut. These natural hair dyes feature over 60 color choices full of certified organic ingredients and are rich in anti-oxidants and plant-based nutrients.

    What is in this hair color line is just as important as what is not in it; this hair dye does not feature PTD’s, plastics, Sodium Laurel Sulfates (SLS), Thiogylates, and parabens, ingredients known to cause allergic reactions in some clients.

    About the author: Marcie Rehkemper is a licensed cosmetologist with experience as a hair stylist, instructor, technical assistant, and as a hair salon manager/owner since 1994. Marcie is an integral part of the Organic Salon Systems team; they are enthralled to be informing consumers about the benefits of using natural hair care products versus the not so innocuous conventional ones.

    To find the nearest salon using Organic Color Systems to please call this toll-free number: (888) 213-4744, or e-mail them at

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