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    Hair Loss Treatment Interferes With Olympics

    Hair Loss Treatment

    Hair loss treatment of champions and Olympians? . . . Proscar

    According to Tim Reynolds, A.P. sportswriter, Zack Lund, Americas top skeleton racer, will be allowed to compete in next month’s Turin Olympics. Lund was banned from two World Cup races after failing a drug test in November. Monday, however, the U.S. Anti-Doping agency came to the decision that a public warning was sufficient in Lund’s case. He could have been suspended and unable to attend the Turin Olympics. The drug in question is the hair loss treatment Proscar, which Lund was using for the purpose of hair restoration or a hair loss treatment. Most drug tests now test strands of hair, and people are developing ways to get round them, just look at the reviews here to see some examples, this is why sporting establishments have to be extra careful in cases like this.

    Lund tested positive for Finasteride, a banned substance often used as a steroid-masking agent, at a competition in Hair Loss Treatment Almost a CalamityNovember and was barred from the past two World Cup races. Lund said the positive result stemmed from his use of a hair loss treatment product. Lund has taken hair loss treatment products since 1999 and has always declared them on his medical forms that get filled out before competition. He is no longer taking Proscar, the pill he was using at the time of the positive drug test, and is even avoiding multivitamins and other over-the-counter products, just to be safe.“I have learned my lesson,” Lund said. “If this was God’s way of telling me that he wants me to go bald, I get the message.” ,,

    If you’ve read any of my past posts with regards to hair loss treatments, you know I don’t carry much faith in their restorative powers. Hair care product manufacturers have been selling their magic potions, or bottles of hope, at huge costs to the public, with no definitive results. I believe in the genius of man, and that most probably a pill will contain the magic to end hair loss someday . . . BUT. . . when that day comes, it will be a celebrated moment. It will be shouted from every media source available and not be a drug that is sold as having a potential to reduce hair loss. My advice save your money, and most certainly if you are in a job that might require a drug test someday.

    A description of Proscar, A site on Proscar hair loss treatment.

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