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    How To Prevent Hair Loss

    If you’re looking at more scalp these days here are some things to try

    Too young to be losing hair? A dermatologist may be able to help prevent hair loss. Any age feels too young for hair loss, but if you are only 20 something, it’s even more traumatic!

    Hair loss is not unusual. On a normal day, we shed about 100-150 hairs, or so the experts say, who’s counting? So it’s not alarming to have a buildup of hair in your hair brushes, or to see a reasonable amount on your bathroom floor or shower. Considering there are many hair thickening products available on the market, there shouldn’t be any reasons as to why you can’t get your hair back to how it was before you started experiencing this loss and the thinning of the hair. But when you’re having serious concerns about how much hair loss you are shedding, consider a dermatologist for a possible solution. A dermatologist can determine if the kind of hair loss you are experiencing and whether it will respond to treatment. Also, if the hair loss you are experiencing is treatable, it’s better to get started sooner than later. Timing may save more hair!

    Hair has a growth cycle and at any given time all the hair on your body is going through one or another of these stages. The three stage cycle is that your hair grows, rests, and sheds. The timing of these three stages varies for everyone. For example, someone like Crystal Gaye, who has hair past her knees, would have a growth cycle of many years before it goes to the next cycle of resting.

    Some people can’t grow their hair past their shoulder, so the growth cycle of their hair is limited to a little over a year, before it stops growing and rests. After resting at its determined length hair loss occurs, it sheds as another hair growing in the same follicle, replaces it.

    The doctor can narrow the contributing factors of your hair loss by examining the hair, asking good questions and possibly doing some further tests.

    Another reason for your hair loss may be due to hormones. Hormones change as we age and it’s the male hormone that has to do with this type of hair loss. In women this type of hair loss can result in an overall thinning of hair, or, in more severe cases, it will thin dramatically on the top of the head, leaving a donut type effect of hair outlining your hairline.

    Hormonal changes effect all women at menopause and I find almost every woman’s hair starts to thin at this time. This type of hair loss, is not usually respondent to treatment.

    While hair loss in men starts to show up quite young, as thinning at the crown, and getting curly around the ears, a sure sign balding will result. This type of hair loss has less positive outlooks, but some can respond to these treatments . . .

    • Minoxidil, which is an over-the-counter treatment
    • Propecia is an oral tablet that’s designed for men’s use for male pattern baldness

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    1. Nagababu,
      Sorry to say but I am not able to give you the name of any magic oil that will grow hair for you. It sounds like you are already experiencing the kind of hair loss I described above that has to do with family genes.
      I suggest you see a dermatologist to rule out any other possiblities that may be affecting hair loss. The doctor may be able to direct you towards something that will be helpful for your particular situation.
      Hope this helps!

      Comment by Barb Quinn — June 29, 2009 @ 2:40 pm

    2. dear,sir or madam,

      My father have bold head, so i can get that now i want to get my hire back with neutrally any oil is growth heir please tell me

      this is needful, tell me that one

      My age 26 unmarried that is the big problem

      thanking you


      Comment by nagababu(india) — June 27, 2009 @ 5:57 am

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