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    Best Hair Products Should be Prescribed by a Hairdresser

    I’ve had a horrible “cold” for well over a week, that just wouldn’t go away. The doctor did a thorough examination to investigate my symptoms and concluded that it was allergies and not a cold. I asked which over the counter drug would be the best and she said, “Well, with how bad you’ve been feeling, I’ll prescribe you a medication that I know will work.” After just a day of taking what can only be described as a miracle prescription, I felt much better. All it took was the right product!“Best Hair Products Come From Hairdressers”

    Hairdressers are a bit like medical doctors; just a different kind. Hairdressers prescribe hair products that suit each individual’s needs, hair type and hair texture. And the perk, is we don’t have to go to medical school!

    Often times I have clients insist that they hate their hair and I should “just cut it all off.” After talking them off the ledge, a good hairdresser will talk some sense into them and go through a thorough hair consultation to find out what is really the problem.

    Usually what they’re experiencing is one of three things: they are misusing their hair products, they’re using the wrong hair products, or they aren’t using any hair products at all (GAHHH!). The vast majority of the times, new clients come to a hairdresser because they are looking for solutions to their chronic problem of bad hair days. I must confess – a lot of those bad hair days are a result of a bad haircut combined with the wrong prescription for hair products; they work hand-in-hand.

    When it comes to choosing a medical doctor, you wouldn’t go to a doctor who would prescribe a product that wouldn’t make you feel better – it’s the same thing with a hairdresser. I’ve been told that hairdressers are a dime a dozen. My rebuttal: maybe, but not all hairdressers are interested in hair malpractice – we don’t sell hair products, we sell solutions!

    If your hairdresser does the same thing every time you see them, without ever asking if you want a change, chances are they aren’t interested in you! Without at least the opportunity to change (hair styles or hair products), you are missing out! You won’t have the chance to feel better about how you look because you won’t  know if there is a hair style more suitable for you – the real you or maybe even the you that you want to become.

    Guest Blogger Nicole Greenhagen is a hairstylist professional with Hair Expressions in Arden Hills, MN

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