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    How to Find Great Hair Products Cheap

    Store shelves with dozens of hair care product brands

    You don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks

    There are beauty bargains everywhere, if you know where to look. Pick up your fav hair products on the cheap or try new products you’ve been eyeing for months. The main rule for finding great hair care products cheap, there are so many places to look! Play the field to find what you need, when you need it, and save that extra cash from your beauty budget for a style makeover, dye job, or spa day.

    Beauty Bargains? There’s an App for That

    Sure, comparison shopping is a time-tested way to see what price your fav hair product is fetching at different stores. In the web 2.0 age, smart phone apps let you scan a product, then return a list of current prices for that item, so you know where to go right now for the hottest savings. I recommend’s app, which scans products in real stores, and online stores so you save wherever you shop.

    Mall Freebies

    Hit up the beauty counters next time you’re at the mall for free samples of hair care products and other beauty products. Clerks will give out free samples whether or not you’re shopping. If you purchase something, the bargain may get even bigger, as some brands give out multiple free samples — including samples of bestsellers — with any purchase. Even if there aren’t any free samples for the hair product you want, you may be able to try a tester of a new creme or gel to see how it works with your hairdo.

    Check it Out First

    Even if you rely on department-store and pharmacy staples, hair care products can add up if you rely on a wide range of products to get your look. Next time you’re looking for a product, or can’t find your staple try a tester first. Not only will buying in small size save you cash, but it will allow you to test-drive the gel, mousse, shampoo, or whatever first. You’ll also save if you find travel kits or hair-care packages that come with a little bit of everything you need. Not only are small sizes perfect as testers, they’re travel friendly. If there’s something you’ve been itching to try that’s totally out of your budget, the travel-sized portion might be priced right.

    Scout out Sales

    Get on the email list, mailing list or social media follow at your favorite beauty supply stores and salons to hear about seasonal sales that can net you major savings on your staple hair products. Then hit that sale early, and prep a list before hand of what you’ve got on hand. Pick up more products that you need during the sale to spread those savings out. You can also sign up with your fav brands, follow them on social media, or otherwise connect with them. Next time there’s a sale on Kerastase or Kiehl’s, you’ll be among the first to know.

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