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    How To Shave 10 Minutes off Your Hair Routine

    Model blow drying long layered brown hair with carmel highlights

    Take a look . . . see what a few little changes can do to your hair routine!

    Who couldn’t use and extra 10 minutes…especially in the mornings! You could meditate, walk the dog, read the paper, actually eat breakfast, get to work on time…so many options! Well those 10 extra minutes can be yours if you are willing to make some small changes to your hair routine. We’re not talking about a huge lifestyle change, but a few simple hair routine changes that can yield big time results.

    The No-ShampooPoo

    There are the obvious ones, like using a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner to save steps in the shower. Or, of course you can temporarily eliminate the traditional shampoo routine by using a dry shampoo. Not only is it a good idea to eliminate daily shampoos, which can dry out your scalp and deplete the natural oils that help keep your hair healthy, but you will also be cutting down your shower time, also saving water, which is good for the environment.

    Style it in the P.M.

    Another obvious trick to speeding up your morning routine is to do your hair the night before. Washing drying and styling your hair before you go to bed may sound silly, but often times you’ll wake up with clean, gently tousled hair that just needs a quick finger comb before you hit the road.

    A Quick Dry & Style

    But there’s more to saving time in the morning than two-in-one shampoos or nighttime style sessions. If you can’t bear the thought of a day without a fresh shampoo, invest in some microfiber towels to help soak up extra water before you blow dry your hair. These magical towels are the same ones that Olympic divers and swimmers use, and they really work!  Using one to towel dry before a blow dry will not only save you precious time on drying, but it will also help protect your hair from the overuse of heat. Another time saving trick with these towels is loosely wrapping it around your wet hair before bed. You’ll wake up with beautiful, frizz free waves!

    woman resting peacefully in bed

    P.M. Braids

    If you have wavy hair, or even if you wish you did, try loosely braiding your damp hair before you go to sleep. If you want a bit more hold to the waves, add a bit of gel before you plait. When you wake up, undo the braids, finger comb and, presto! Beachy waves in no time flat.

    Buns and Ponys

    If  you really want to get up and go, try a sleek ponytail or a chic bun for a quick, easy hairstyle. Slicked back pony’s and cute ballerina buns work with both dry and wet hair, so you might pick up an extra five minutes if you opt for the these looks!

    The Right Haircut

    Of course the biggest time saver for your morning hair routine is to get a haircut that works with your natural texture. If you have stick straight hair, coaxing it into a curl every morning is going to eat up precious time, and the same goes for curly girls who dream of matchstick locks. Working with what you’ve got, will give you the most styling options in the least amount of time and save your hair from heat damage. And besides, with all that extra time saved doing your hair, you can spend more time on your makeup!

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