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Hair Salon and Spa Owners Who Need Ethics

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Come on Folks! Let’s Leave our Little Girls out of the Hair and Beauty Salons

Like many of you, I watched in horror this week as the sorry tale of 18 teen aged girls in Massachusetts who were engaged in a pregnancy conspiracy unfolded. It wasn’t long ago and we watched a group of teen aged girls savagely beat a one of their own on video on the evening news

“Hair and Beauty Salons for Children Only???”The epidemic of bizarre eating disorders of young girls is spinning out of control. All the while I kept shaking my head wondering what is going on with parents these days. Now I find out that my own proud hair styling profession is engaged in an insidious campaign to market hair and beauty salon service to girls as young as two years old. Give me a break.

From the UK I ran across this article which quite frankly stunned me. I am ashamed by the behavior of some of my hairdresser peers and I beg forgiveness on their behalf.

It seems that a new trend has evolved right under our noses that I feel has some serious cultural consequences for our girls. A new breed of hair and beauty salons is cropping up on both sides of the Atlantic catering to children only.

Cozy’s a chain of glamorous child hair salons is busy cranking out “Hannah Montana” look alikes while goolishly pocketing the profits from bizarre well healed parents. If this isn’t child abuse, I don’t know what is.

I’m sorry, but my heart bleeds for these poor innocent kids who simply have no way from protecting them selves from a cultural madness that seems to have no shame whatever.

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