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Hair Styling Essentials – Hair Rollers

Hair Rollers

Hair Rollers . . . What’s Not To Like?

Hair rollers come in all shapes and sizes . . . Hot rollers, velcro rollers and hotsticks. Although these all fall into a hair roller category, each will create a uniquely different result.

The results you’ll get from hair rollers will depend largely on:

  • Size of the hair roller – the larger the hair roller the bigger the curl
  • Sectioning – wider sections create softer curls, (experiment with this one).
  • Heat – hotter hair rollers create longer lasting, tighter curls
  • Length of time left in the hair – a quick set is less curly, hair rollers left in till cool results in tighter, longer lasting curls.


Hot Hair Rollers

“Hair Rollers; The Low Down”

Even the hardest to curl hair can get results using hot hair rollers. Make sure the hot rollers set you buy has a temperature control. Using the lowest setting needed to get the results you desire will be the easiest on your hair. Hot rollers come in a couple different varieties but for the most part they will all achieve similar results.

  • Steam hair rollers – use steam to give a bit more “press” to the hair not unlike using a “steam iron.” Women with hard to curl hair tend to report longer lasting curls from the steam hot roller set. If you have delicate hair, easily prone to breakage, I suggest trying the traditional hot roller first, which I think is easier on your hair. And use a thermal active lotion or spray, Matrix Biolage Thermal Active Setting Spray .
  • Traditional hot rollers – I like the velcro covered or the new ceramic hot rollers which are easy on the hair.

So experiment with hot rollers, the size, heat, and how long you leave them in your hair. A set can be quick and easy with long lasting results.

Hot Sticks

These long squishy, bendable plastic rods heat up and you wrap your hair around them. They put a tighter curl in your hair because the diameter of the rod is small. You can achieve spirals if you are good at rolling. It’s a bit harder to roll your hair evenly and to get the ends smooth on the rod. The ends fasten together so you don’t need clips.

Strong Velcro Hair Rollers

These are a favorite for a quick and easy hairstyle. Even if you are all thumbs, these are the easiest hair rollers to use. No picks or clips needed. Great to use after a blow-dry for lift, volume, and soft curl or to smooth the hair. They come in a variety of sizes for different effects. It is important to roll smoothly and to take out gently or they will get caught in your hair causing breakage. For best results, use a volumizing product, such as Matrix, Amplify Spray Gel, or a volumizing mouse, and tossel hair upside down with fingers to style.

I have found the lowest prices and best variety on rollers is at


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