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How to Avoid Becoming Hairdressers Client from Hell

Hairdresser relationship

 Avoiding Hairdresser Relationship Troubles

We all have our own idiosyncrasies. For many hair professionals, these quirks can be “make or break” moments in creating and maintaining your customized look. Here are several instances that can be determining factors in not only your “Do,” but also your client-hairstylist relationship:

Don’t Tell a Trained Professional How to do Their Job

Telling your hairdresser what angle to hold her scissors or which coloring technique to use actually harms your final result and overall hair experience. Hairdressers are passionate and sensitive about their work. Your head is our canvas where we roam freely (with your permission, of course) creating and doing what we do best—transformations. The next time you feel like you need to tell your hairdresser what to do for your final look, show her a picture instead. There will be a better chance you’ll get the desired look you want.

How to Avoid Becoming Hairdressers Client from Hell

Healthy Looking Hair Needs Trimming on Every Appointment

Unfortunately, we cannot trim your ends without taking away some length. We trim to remove the dry, dead and lifeless ends that do nothing for your facial shape or hair health. Understanding your desire to keep your hair length is our number one priority, but after that, your hair health is second. What good is a half inch of fried, frizzed hair going to do for the healthy hair look that you’re after.

How to Avoid Becoming Hairdressers Client from Hell

Brush Size Matters!

When a customer tells us they can’t seem to blow-dry your hair the right way our first question is, “What size brush are you using?” This is the response your hairdresser should have each and every time. Having the right brush size determines hair volume, body and shape. The right brush type will eliminate frizz, split ends and create endless amounts of shine. Trust the recommendations from  your hairstylist when it comes to keeping your hair healthy and beautiful.

These three instances are probably the most frustrating scenarios hairstylists face on a daily basis multiple times a day. We understand how difficult it is to trust another person with something as personal as your hair. Remember, your hairstylist wants you to leave the salon with confidence. It is important and crucial that your hairstylist exercises their professional and artistic abilities with confidence as well. This will result in a happier and more productive client-hairstylist relationship.

Hairdresser Relationship
Contributing author Itzia Sherwood a hair professional for the past 25+ years, has been customizing, transforming and enhancing her guests with an unquenchable passion. Throughout her professional career, she emphasizes the importance of client-hairstylist communication to her guests, as well as, educating future hair professionals in the craft.
Hairdresser relationship
Contributing author Krystine Sherwood with customer service as her expertise, Krystine emphasizes that guests should be the main priority and their desires should be hairdressers’ desires. Training hair professionals to have clear, concise communication is her passion.


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