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    Hairdressing Courses Available Online Now!

    Check it out all you hairdressers, courses are now available to you in the privacy of your own home and for a great price . . . how great is that! You have no excuses of becoming one of those hair stylists who becomes a “cookie cutter,” gets stuck in a rut and old before their time. Technology keeps advancing and services just keep getting better and better. Hallelujah  . . . we thank these entrepreneurs for putting together a great site for continuing online hairdressing courses!

    I first heard of this service back in March and wrote about it in an article then.  The sites hairdressing tutors are some of the finest in the world, including a former Creative Director of the Vidal Sassoon  Advanced Academy, a previous Art Director at Toni & Guy, and world-renowned hair colorists.

    Steve Turner, one of the founders of, shared with me about the importance of on-going education and the value of his hairdressing courses.

    Take your hairdressing career to a new level

    Hairdressing can be both a creatively and financially rewarding career, but to make the most of it you need to keep on top of your game. The most successful people in any career are those that refuse to stand still and continue to grow their hair cutting skills.

    Starting out

    Young people starting out in hair styling typically begin as an assistant in a local hair salon. A good hair salon will provide on the job training, along with college release for class room learning designed to provide a recognized industry qualification. In the UK for example, the standard qualification is NVQ 2 and requires up to two years training.


    Like any other job, the qualification is just a starting point and there are many levels of qualifications available to further enhance your resume. Most major hair care product manufacturers also offer a wide range of workshops and seminars to keep you informed of latest trends and hair cutting techniques, usually with an emphasis on their own products.

    Similarly, lots of large hair salons and chains have dedicated academies where, for a fee, you can attend a variety of hair styling courses designed to enhance your techniques and talents. Whilst these are without a doubt the most popular way to keep up to date, they can be expensive and are usually only located in large cities. For more provincially based hair dressers this means extra travel and accommodation expenses.

    They are very useful for networking with other hairdressers, sharing ideas and so forth, but you only get to see the technique once and there’s a lot of information to absorb in one day.

    The Internet

    Recently the Internet has offered a new and exciting way of training and networking for hairdressers. Networking sites are great for talking to other hairdressers and making friends, while the massive range of fashion and style websites offer inspiration and keep you up to date with the hottest hairstyles and looks.

    Online hair styling courses offer access to hair training and almost one to one training. Hairdressing course sites such provide a structured and cost efficient way to learn a vast array of techniques. As video can be stopped, rewound and watched over and over, the advantage is that you can really learn the hair cutting techniques from professionals at your own pace.

    Keeping Inspired

    No-one knows everything, and it is vital to your career that you keep on top of your skill base as well as progressing to keep your styles up to date. Hairdressing is closely linked to fashion and is constantly evolving. Reading magazines, browsing websites, watching movies and music videos will ensure you keep on top of fashionable hairstyles.

    Visiting the major hair shows as well as the many regional shows will help to keep you up to date with new techniques, products and hairstyles. And don’t forget to keep an eye out on the street – see the hairstyles that people are wearing in your town or city, and just be aware of the current trends.

    Putting it all together

    So armed with a good qualification and regular ongoing education, as well as the experience you gain on the hair salon floor, you should always have enough skills in your tool box to be able to apply them to your clients hair and keep them looking fresh, trendy and beautiful and keep them coming back to your hair salon time after time.

    Steve Turner

    Hard core hair professional Steve Turner has perfected his skills through decades of pioneering hair adventures. He continuously contributes his passion and dedication to crafting new approaches to hair and moves seamlessly from trade to consumer work. Steve is a founding member of and tirelessly contributes his talents to educating others. His infectious energy keeps the whole team on its toes!

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