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    7 Top Ways to Wear Hairstyles With Bangs

    hairstyle with bangs

    How to do Hairstyles with Bangs Like a Pro

    Bangs are excellent to add variety to your hairstyle, whether you are sporting short, medium or long hair. But when it starts to grow beyond the initial length you’ve desired for it to be, it can be pretty daunting to deal with that awkward re-growth phase. You might want to hide them with a headband or tuck them behind, but there is only so much you can do with it! Or . . . so you think!

    Try these fun and creative ways to style your bangs and maybe even start a new hairstyle with bangs trend this year.


    Matte and Blunt

    hairstyle with bangs

    You know you once loved your hairstyle with bangs, so why hide it? Re-trim your bangs to give it that blunt look. This is fantastic if you are planning to don a dramatic look. Take out your flat iron and run it through your bangs to create an over-dramatic blunt look. Use dry shampoo to minimize the shine that is brought on by heat styling. Finish it off with a matte paste so you can keep the small pieces of bangs well behaved. You can also try to separate the strands in your bangs if you want to give it a piecey touch.


    Braid It!

    hairstyle with bangs

    Why try to get your bangs out of the way when you can braid for a better looking style? Begin this hairstyle by creating a deep side part (choose which side you’d like to work with or which side your bangs start from). Then, start braiding that section of your bangs from one side to the other. Secure the ends with a bobby pin or elastic tie. You can do whatever you want with the rest of your hair, if you’d like to let it down or put it into a bun.


    Twist Back

    twist back

    This is a very simple look, also feminine, that you can try with your bangs. This is also an excellent styling technique for women who want to get their bangs out of their face. Start by taking out the front section of your hair and then twisting it before bringing it to the back. Secure the ends with a bobby pin.


    Middle Part

    hairstyle with bangs

    Another way to get the bangs out of the face is to part the hair in the middle. Use a big round brush for this one as it will also help to create more volume. Blow dry your hair and then let it fall freely. If you haven’t tried doing a middle part before, it’s another incentive to experiment with this look!


    Texturize It!

    hairstyle with bangs

    Sometimes, women get tired of their bangs because it starts to weigh down. One way to liven up your bangs is to introduce some texture into it. Try textured bangs by using a styling paste or pomade. Work it to the ends of your hair (preferably still damp). Then, blow dry your hair into a downward motion using a vent brush. This will help you achieve flared ends in your bangs.


    Try a Pompadour

    hairstyle with bangs

    You can go for a mini or big pompadour that looks slightly over-the-top. This is another excellent trick to get the bangs out of your face. Separate a section of hair in the front and then pin it backwards. If you want to add more volume, you can try teasing your hair before pinning it back.


    Use Headband

    hairstyle with bangs

    These accessories are a classic and are making a huge comeback this year. But they don’t have to be boring, though. You can add a poof at the back of your hair to make your hairstyle look a bit more retro and fun!

    Which of these techniques have you used to style your bangs? Any more ideas to add?

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    Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


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