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    Hair Styling Tips To Look Your Best

    Beyonce caramel highlights

    Too many women have problems when it comes to styling their hair. These tips are all you need to apply to keep your hair looking it’s best!

    Make Hair Trim Appointments Regularly

    “The biggest
    blunder made . . . “

    Remember that a great hairstyle begins with the haircut. This should be a no brainer, but getting into your hairdresser can quickly become a problem if not put on the calendar ahead of time. I’m guilty of it myself. You think you’ll be able to fit it into your schedule if you wait until closer to the time you need it. Then, it gets behind you, you call for an appointment you need in the next few days for a “special event” and you can’t get in. Think ahead, get your next hairdresser appointment booked enough ahead of time, lose the stress and look your best!

    Know What Hair Care Products To Use And How Much

    Volume, straight and sleek, curly or wavy, however you want to style your hair, there is the right or wrong hair care product for the job. There is a correct hair care product for your hair type as well as for the result you want to achieve. The biggest blunder made . . . is using too much product. Too much hair care product not only results in weighed down, sticky looking hair, but then what follows is usually the decision not use any product at all. But the truth of it is “less is better than more,” when it comes to hair care product use. Get a description of products and how to use them here.

    Protect Your Hair

    Easy enough to do, use a good conditioner and a thermal protector if you use heat-hair styling tools. Thermal hair protectors are sprayed on before using heat on the hair.

    Know The Right Tool For The Job And How To Use It

    Hot-rollers, curling irons, hair dryers, flat-irons, velcro rollers, twisties, are all going to give you a different result in the end. The size of the tool you choose, how much heat is used, how wet or dry your hair is at the time, and what product you choose, all have an effect on the end result you’ll get when styling your hair. Ask your hairdresser for a recommendation that will work for the results you desire.




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