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    Finding a hairdresser – It shouldn’t be this hard

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    Finding a Hairdresser That You Love

    Here is a discussion board message a student posted in my online Finding the Right Hairstyle for You! class this month. I think she needs to get a new strategy for her next trip to the hair care salon. What do you think?


    Almost every time I go to get my hair cut it is a bad experience or I come home and no one noticed I got my hair cut.

    I have fine, but lots of it, wavy hair. I have decided to grow it out to one length. My husband hates it. To me I love the feeling of having a lot of hair. I have had perms with very little upkeep-mousse and blow-dry the top in layers. Every time I get a perm I swear I’ll never get another one. It probably has been about 5 years.

    I think I get so frustrated going to get my haircut because there are no pictures to choose from. The hairdresser I go to now, which is about every 4-6 months, tries to cut it however I ask. I really don’t have any new ideas to ask my hairdresser to do. I have gone to a big hair care salon chain for several years. Never have I been satisfied. Once again no pictures to choose from and the hairdresser says,”What do you want me to do?” I have also gone to a man dresser that everyone said was fantastic. He gave me no ideas and ended up cutting it very short. It was awful. I hate going to get my haircut. I dread it. It ranks right up there with going to the dentist. YUCK!

    How about this for a new strategy:

    • Solicit referrals. Stop women with great hair styles and get hairdressers name. (You may need to kiss a few frogs – but it will pay off)
    • Do your homework before going to the hairdressers. Find pictures (more than one) of hair styles that you like, i.e.: “Color & Style,” Hairdo Ideas,” “Haircut & Style,” all published by Harris Publications (watch for my articles). A picture tells a thousand words. Also, having a few hairstyles to talk about with your hairdresser will give your hairdresser an idea of what appeals to you. You may not know if a particular hairstyle will work for you, having more than one will elicit great discussion about what can be done.
    • Good hairdressers should have suggestions for you. If yours doesn’t, it’s time to take a hike. Communication is key here. If you want a suggestion ask for it. You don’t need to take the suggestion, but then you need to be clear what you would like and are willing to do.
    • One more suggestion for this particular student, shorten time between haircuts. It’s the only way to keep your locks looking their best.


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