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    50s Hairstyles the Suicide Roll

    Looking For a Halloween Hairstyle Idea? Start With a 50s Suicide Roll

    So you want to look like a swinging 50s girl? It’s fantastic how much of the 50s style is still around today. For inspiration, you can check out some fantastic video resources online for 1950s hair ideas. We can teach you how to wear your hair like a 50s gal in a few easy steps. Soon you will have a hairstyle reminiscent of the time when people like greasers and squares walked around, when people said ‘neato’ and ‘bee’s knees’. Here is how you do a suicide roll.

    There are a few things you will need along the way. Bobby pins are a must, since you are putting your hair in weird positions, there is basically no other way you could keep it there. Hairspray is recommended, for some extra hold. You will need a comb, not a brush, to part your hair and make sure there are no knots. You will also need a hairband to get any extra hair you are not rolling out of the way.

    Step 1Step 2

    Step One, in your neatly combed hair, make a straight side part down the one side of your head, then, using your finger, scoop a section out of the middle of your hair, then create another side part on the other side. This should create kind of an upside down ‘U’ shape in top of your head. Any hair not in this clump, pull back into a pony tail.

    Grab an inch wide section of hair in the back of the “U” near the crown of your head and taking a comb, hairspray the section, then backcomb or tease it down towards the scalp. Repeat this with the loose hair, section by section, until it is all teased on the top of your head.

    Step 4

    Step 5

    Step 6

    Take this clump of teased hair and carefully comb and smooth it out to the front, making it into a shape of a bump on the front of your head. Twist the extra hair not in the bump into a circular pattern, with several loops inside each other and a hole in the middle. Use this hole to tuck the excess hair in, then bobby pin where your fingers are holding it together.

    This should create the desired look of the suicide bump. Shape your bump into the style you would like, then discretely place bobby pins close to your forehead to hold it in place. Make sure your bobby pins are the same color as your hair, or they may be easily seen. Finish with hairspray to smooth out.

    Finally, let down the rest of  your hair and enjoy! I’m pretty certain after seeing yourself in the mirror you will want to say stuff like “That guy is 18 karat! (really great). Or perhaps you will say stuff like “Sharon has her glasses on” (she is up tight or stuffy.) Instead of saying “it’s cool” you might say “I’m booted” as people who aren’t booted are “out to lunch” or lame.

    Now that you can talk and look like a girl from the 1950s, you should experiment with dressing that way as well. You will stand out in the crowd and you may have people thinking you just stepped off of a time machine!

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