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    How Often Should You Switch Shampoo?


    Switch Shampoo Brands Often is an Urban Myth

    Here is another question I received from a student in my class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You!, I’m sure many of you question this as well:

    I have heard it is important to switch shampoo brands that you use on your hair. Is there any reason to believe this?


    I’m not sure how this myth got started but my guess is it started around the time a gazillion different types of shampoos became available on the market.

    It’s not important that you switch any shampoo that is working well in your hair. Your hair does not become immune to the cleansing capabilities of a shampoo because of the frequency of its use.

    That doesn’t mean you won’t need to change shampoos periodically however. If you pay attention to what’s happening to your hair and what changes may be going on in your lifestyle, you’ll know when it’s time to change your shampoo.

    Here are some tips to pay attention to:

    • If you color, perm, straighten or receive any chemical treatment on your hair, switch to a shampoo formulated for your chemically treated hair.

    • If your hair starts to require more frequent shampooings, becomes more oily because of a lifestyle change, a gentle daily shampoo will be easiest on your hair.

    • If your hair becomes drier due to sun exposure or over use of heat, switch to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. It will restore lost moisture, strengthen the hair and increase elasticity.

    • If you swim in a pool, or in salt water, use a shampoo formulated for swimmers. It will help prevent dry brittle hair and increase shine and body.

    • If you use products on your hair, i.e. conditioner, spray, gel, root lifter, etc. use a clarifying shampoo. I think almost everyone can benefit from using a clarifying shampoo periodically. It will cut through product buildup which dulls and flattens hair, and increase its body, fullness and shine.

    • If you have excessive oiliness on hair and scalp, select a balancing shampoo, or a shampoo formulated just for oily hair.

    • If you want more volume to your hair, choose a volumizing shampoo.

    I’m hesitant to list specific products in every case because there are so many good products available and it becomes a matter of preference. Here are some of my favorite manufacturers, both professional and over the counter. Aveda, Matrix, Graham Webb, Farouk, Bumble & Bumble, Paul Mitchell, Kiehl’s, Pantene Pro-V, Redken, Nexxus, Aussie, Neutrogena most are available at Ebay’s Shampoo Section or on Folica’s website.

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