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    9 Secret Weapons to End Hair Static

    Woman with wild static hair after pulling sweater over her head

    How to End Hair Static

    Hair static is rarely a look anyone is going for, but it happens, and usually at the most inopportune times. So, what causes hair static? Barring any attempt at defining the science behind particles and electrical charges; the cause is basically the results of dry air and dry hair. So here’s an easy list of preventative measures to take that has saved many a ‘bad hair day’ for women everywhere.

    Shampoo Less

    You’ve heard it before but every time you cleanse your hair you are stripping it of product, debris and its natural oils. Don’t get us wrong, shampooing is a good thing, but less is more, especially in the cold, dry winter months. Try a dry shampoo in-between time to keep natural oils in the hair longer and to add a boost of body and texture to your hair.

    Woman shampooing her hair with 2 in 1 shampoo

    Go Sulfate Free

    Sulfate free shampoos are far less drying and irritating to the scalp and hair than those that contain sulfates. Your hair won’t feel ‘squeaky clean’ with this formula, but neither will it be ‘stripped dry’ where hair static starts.

    This deep conditioner tops my list.

    Condition, condition condition

    It is possible to use any conditioner as a deep conditioning treatment by covering hair and adding a source of heat for 15-20 minutes. But thicker formulas and those specified as ‘deep conditioners’ are more concentrated than every day conditioners.

    Towel Drying Hair

    Give the Dryer a Vacation

    By giving your blow-dryer some R&R and allowing your hair to air-dry (as much as possible) you may put your winter fly-away’s to rest. Blow-drying hair = dryer hair = static hair.

    Macadamia Oil Treatment


    These elixirs are as good as gold. They leave hair shiny, soft and are a #1 defender against hair static nipping it in the bud before it strikes. Try Macadamia Oil Treatment or spray, it has a great finish and smells yummy!

    Macadamia Deep Conditioner

    Leave-In Conditioners

    A small amount applied to towel-dried hair acts as a super detangler as well as a moisturizer. Buy a trial size lotion, or spray, to tame hair static fly-aways at the office or after work. Macadamia Deep Conditioner

    Can of Hair Spray

    Hair Spray

    A mist of light spray helps to hold static hair at bay. A small purse size is perfect to have on hand when needed. For a lighter app, spray onto a brush and run through ends.

    Dryer Sheets

    Dryer Sheets

    Anti-static dryer sheets are still a good option for many. They are lightweight, fit in your purse, smell good and are easy to swipe over the hair . . . certainly worth a try.

    Humidifying the Air

    Get Some Humidity Into the Air

    Consider buying a humidifier for your home; adding one in your bedroom, where you spend most of your hours, will help hydrate your hair as well as your skin. There are lots of ultrasonic humidifiers on the market so look into which model will be best for you. An Everlasting Comfort humidifier has an essential oil tray so it may be a good option for those practising aromatherapy. Or even in a pinch put on a pot of boiling to give your dry air a drink.

    For more winter hair ideas check out our Pinterest Winter Hair Tips board.

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