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    How to Get the Most from a Hair Stylist Appointment

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    Hair Stylist Appointment Strategies

    Missy Good of the McClatchy Newspapers has a well written article designed to help her readers get a great hairstyle on their next hair salon appointment. In it she interviews some top hairdressers. One of the hair stylists mentions a hot button some of them have . . . clients who bring in a picture from a magazine. Some stylists feel it is a lose-lose situation. They must either find a way to diplomatically dissuade you from the picture of your dream hairstyle knowing it’s not for you, or they give you what you’ve asked for despite the fact that it won’t look the same on you and may require more work than you are willing to do on a daily basis.

    The model in the picture has been primped with a hair stylist who is designing a style that fits the models face shape, hair texture, hair type and hair volume. The fact that you don’t have the exact same face shape, hair texture, hair type and volume, should be addressed in the appointment. A good hairdresser will be assertive here and sure of themselves on whether the picture is a good fit or not and why.

    A good strategy is to arrive 30 minutes early for your salon appointment and spend some time with the hair style magazines. Pick out several hairstyles that you like and that you think might work on your hair. Then show your ideas to the hair stylist and ask the questions such as: What type of hairstyles would be most flattering with my face shape? What length would you recommend and why? What hairstyles would maximize my hair texture? volume and form? What would you be doing with my hair if you were me?

    Here are a few good quotes from the article.

    Give it time: Don’t walk into a hair stylist appointment right before closing time and expect to get exactly what you want. Allow plenty of time to discuss what you want and to make sure the haircut turns out well.

    Get the whole story: Ask lots of questions about how to take care of your new style. Figure out what hair care products and tools you’ll need to achieve the look at home.

    Hair care, not day care: Leave the kids at home. Use your stylist appointment as time to relax and unwind. You and your hairdresser also will be able to focus on giving you the hairstyle you want, rather than keeping the kids in line.

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