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    How to Use a Hair Diffuser to Fight Frizzy Hair!

    Hair Diffuser

    Frizzy Hair? Try a Hair Diffuser in Winter Months!

    By Guest Blogger Meleesa Salcedo

    Have you ever had a diffuser attachment come with your new hair dryer but not know what to do with it? I’m often surprised how many girlfriends of mine aren’t really sure what a hair diffuser does and what benefits it has to offer. I’ve had very long, thick, and wavy hair all my life and love the benefits of my tourmaline professional ionic hair diffuser!

    So, how to use a hair diffuser and what exactly does a hair diffuser do? While a hair dryer pushes hot air out a high speeds through a single hole, a hair diffuser (attached to the end of the hair dryer) reduces the speed and creates a more even distribution of heat over a larger area. Although a hair diffuser can be used by all hair types, the biggest benefit is reduced frizz for those of us with curly or wavy hair.

    Frizzy Hair

    Curly Hair Tamer

    Some easy steps to minimize frizzy hair:

    • Attach the diffuser device to the end of your hair dryer.
    • Apply your favorite frizzy hair product.
    • Turn your hair dryer on, keeping it on a low setting to cut friction.
    • Place the diffuser at the roots of your hair moving in circular motions working your way to the end of your locks.  The best way to add lift to your curls is by doing this with your head turned upside down.

    For best results never completely dry your hair. This can cause more unwanted frizz. Leave your hair slightly damp, drying till it’s about 80% dry.

    As I know, quite a few women prefer to allow their hair to air dry naturally during the summer months (the best way to dry curly or wavy hair) however, if you know how to use a hair diffuser, it might be something to consider during coming winter months to help keep your locks frizz free and full of shine!


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