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    Jessica Alba Short Hair Style

    jessica alba hair short

    Jessica Alba short hair style is cute whether a choice or not!

    Jessica Alba’s short hair style and especially her new hair color gets a big yes!! She broke out her new look at the “Valentines Day” premiere!

    “Jessica Alba Short Hair Comeback”LOL . . . I started a post a few days ago about the timely new movie,”Valentines Day,” that stars everybody and will be released this Friday, February 12th. As I got into the article, I couldn’t help notice how bad Jessica Alba’s hair color looked. It was this awful, warm blonde . . . probably the only hair color she can’t wear. So the article ended up being about the Jessica Alba’s hair disaster more than the movie . . .

    The “Valentines Day” movie premiere was on Tuesday, February 8th and again I was going to write about it when lo and behold, Jessica Alba shows up with a “cute as a bug” drastic new short hair style and a new/old hair color! So once again, I am writing about Jessica Alba’s hair style and color, but this time it’s about one that works waaaay better for her than what she had, thank-you!

    My guess is this drastic new short hair style & new hair color came about as the quickest way to get rid of a bad thing! Jessica Alba has worn just about every hair color and to get rid of the warm blonde hair color she was wearing at the moment would more than likely have taken its toll on her hair . . . maybe it did?

    Jessica Alba’s short hair style is great, no? However, we must allow that she is one of these women that would look good in a gunny sack and her head shaved. She has the perfect oval (with a touch of heart) face shape and the petite body type to wear just about any hair style.

    Who Shouldn’t Wear This Jessica Alba Short Hair Style?

    Jessica Alba’s short hair style is a pretty straight and narrow, layered bob with bangs. Nothing fancy here, but it works well with her wavy hair type. Don’t go for this hair style if you have a round or square face shape or if your hair type is too thick, too straight or too curly. This is a casual hair style that is easily styled into a tosseled look like Jessica’s, for those with medium wavy hair. It can be smoothed out or curled with an iron or hot rollers for different looks.

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