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Jessica Simpson Hair Style is Simple? Here are some tips.

Jessica Simpson Hair Style

Try this Jessica Simpson hair style for long hair body curls

Here is a hair styling technique, for all you long haired vixens, who want your long hair to look like Jessica Simpson’s hair style. The beauty of it, its quick, easy and will hold all night. This is such an easy hair styling method, you will wonder why you have never tried it before. The key to getting the right size curl in your hair is to experiment with roller size, heat and length of time you leave them in your hair.

You could spend hours trying to achieve the kind of bouncy, sexy, body wave curls like these on Jessica Simpson just to have them fall out a few hours later or . . . try this.

  • Wash and blow dry hair. Try a volumizing shampoo or hair styling product for extra oomph. Experiment with blow drying hair smooth for a smoother, shinier curl, vs. a rough blow dry for a different type of curl.
  • Put hair up in a high (crown of head) ponytail using a soft band or scrunchie to secure.
    If you have thick hair, put it up in two high ponytails
  • Mist ponytail with a thermal hair styling spray
  • Using hot rollers, roll a section of hair, no wider than the size roller you will use, and secure at the base of the ponytail. The rollers will stack on each other by the time your finished.
  • Experiment with the size of roller for size of curl desired
    temperature of hot rollers, a hotter roller makes a tighter curl
    how long you leave rollers, determines tightness and durability of the curl
  • Take out rollers and let hair cool (you could use a light hairspray here)
  • For maximum volume, spray hair upside down, flip up and comb through with fingers
  • Bangs or fringe around sides may need to be touched-up with a curling iron

Let us all know how the Jessica Simpson hair style worked for you! To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.



  1. Hey shirley, i dont know if your sons wedding already passed but if it didnt you should get a perm… or if you dont want your hair to permanently stay like that you can just curl it, And once you do that… you should put it into a ponytail… but you will need bobbypins… and witht the bobby pins you can seperate some strands from the ponytail and bobbypin them to the outside of your ponytail… it will look like a crazy bun but in control:) and also you should think of getting contacts… and if you get contacts you might want to consider getting colored contacts that will look good with your hair color:) mkay well hope it works out for you bye bye
    take care:)

    Comment by Ashley — September 3, 2006 @ 10:15 pm

  2. Please help, I am fourty eight years old, I wear glasses and am quite plain looking. My son gets married in Four weeks time 9.9.06. I have been growing my hair for Twelve months, it is past my shoulders. I have it coloured profesionally. All the styles I have looked at show young women without glasses. I wont be wearing a hat , they look horrid on me. I dont want flowers or feathers in my hair but would love some sort of a hair clip. Any ideas for me. Please help

    Comment by Shirley Robinson — August 10, 2006 @ 2:25 am

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