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Kate Gosselin’s Long Hairstyle

Long Hairstyle

Kate Gosselin Has a New Long Hairstyle

“Kate Gosselin’s Long Hairstyle” Kate Gosselin made news headlines again with her new long hairstyle. Thanks to hair extensions, Kate got rid of her old, short hairstyle and went forward with a new long hairstyle. She debuted her new long hairstyle on the cover of People Magazine, out this week and this long hairstyle is the result of Kate wanting the New Year to be a fresh start, according to the mag.

After inspiring the top Halloween wig and costume, it was time to ditch the short hairstyle and try something different. Although I applaud the change, I can’t say that I’m a fan of these extensions for hair. The extensions for hair look very fake and don’t blend well at all with her current hair length. Because of the extensive lightening, the hair also looks very dry. My thoughts . . . ditch the extremely long hairstyle and go for something around shoulder length. I still stand by my suggestion of giving that girl a graduated bob hairstyle. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in a short hairstyle she wore recently on the set of The View either:

If you are thinking of getting a long hairstyle via extensions for hair like Kate Gosselin did, do a comparison of a few different types and brands before settling or else you run the risk of having a fake look like Kate’s.

Clip Hair Extensions for a Long Hairstyle

Try clip hair extensions like Hairdo brand extensions by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves if you want to try out a long hairstyle just temporarily or on a sporadic basis. Clip hair extensions will allow you to go back and forth between a long hairstyle and your current length.

Weaved-In extensions for hair for a Long Hairstyle

Weaved-in extensions for hair are a good choice if you want quite a bit of your natural hair hidden. The process of weaved-in extensions for hair includes tightly braiding your own hair and weaving in the extensions for hair into a net put over the braids or directly into the braids. People with ethnic hair get extensions for hair process done often. Another popular type of extensions for hair is the micro-link.

Micro-Link extensions for hair for a Long Hairstyle

Micro-link extensions for hair are popular because of the minimal damage done to hair. A large section of the extensions for hair is placed against your scalp and linked to your own hair. I recommend this particular extension type to anyone wanting long term extensions for hair without a big risk of damage to their hair.

For the very reason Kate Gosselin got extensions for hair, they are a great way to not only achieve a long hairstyle, but try something new and different with your current hairstyle. Remember that comparing different types and brands of extensions for hair will help you make the best decision for your own hair.

For more great longer looks check out our Pinterest Long Hairstyles Board.

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