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    Katie Holmes Shows How Your Hairstyle Defines You

    Katie Holmes Seductive Temptress Look

    10 Defining Hairstyles of Katie Holmes

    Katie Holmes, at 33 looks like she’s decided to show another side of her personality; the seductive temptress! This new shot of Katie just came out and is featured in a new ad-campaign for the jewelry line H. Stern. I think her hairstyle is worth taking note of because . . .

    Most always looking like, ‘the girl you could bring home to Mom,’ Katie doesn’t fit that prototype here!   What I thought was blog worthy is Katie’s sexy, new temptress role above is personified by her hairstyle. Could your haircut do that?

    Clearly our choice of hairstyle, or how we style it, displays to others a snippit of our personality. Sometimes how we choose to style our hair may be just for fun and it might display an assumed role or perhaps a façade.  But, just as experts have proven your clothes serve to define you, your hairstyle similarly defines you.  Your haircut, hairstyle, and at times your hair color, speak volumes even before you open your mouth and utter whatever it is you’re going to say.  Interesting huh?

    You may already know how this works intuitively, and have found the perfect hairdo that looks and feels right for you, but if not, think about making a change. Find a new hairstylist if you need to or talk with your stylist about making a new change that fits your personality and lifestyle.

    Do these hairstyles define Katie Holmes differently to you? . . . .

    A grouping of four Different Hairstyles that Katie Holmes has worn through the yearsA grouping of four Different Hairstyles that Katie Holmes has worn through the yearsA grouping of three different hairstyles that Katie Holmes has worn through the years

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    1. I agree with this 100%! Now, as a hairstylist myself, I may be a little biased. But we all make judgements about others based on first impressions and appearance. Hair is one of the first things that I notice about someone! Based solely on how someone wears their hair I may draw certain conclusions about them as a person. One’s hair can lead to a variety of assumptions about a person. Are they high maintenance? Are they conservative? Are they a trend-setter? I love that Katie Holmes is able to fearlessly try new things with her hair. And I love her new look. I would imagine that her stylist used extentions to pull this off. Extensions are fun and are a great way to change one’s look without cutting off hair. However they are also rather high maintenance and can get pretty pricey! Ken Paves teamed up with Jessica Simpson a while back on a clip-in hair extension line. These are a great alternative for someone who is either trying to save money or not ready to commit to the up-keep. They blend flawlessly, are removable, and only take about five minutes to put in!

      Comment by Erin Mullen — January 11, 2012 @ 12:54 pm

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