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    If you’ve spent anytime surfing the articles on Hairstyle Blog you have most likely come upon articles that have used inappropriate SEO Keyword stuffing strategy. The article was written for search engines and not humans.

    We would like you to rewrite the article so that it is human friendly. Any sentence that is not very clear to a reader is of no use to us, even if it is hot stuff to a search engine. If a reader leaves one of our pages early because they couldn’t understand what we were trying to say or worse yet, leaves because the article didn’t deliver what she expected to find . . . we have failed.

    Choosing Keywords

    An article should only target one keyword phrase. Of course that keyword phrase should be something that women are searching for. To find out if you’re targeting the right phrase to find out just do some research.

    If your article is about “gray hair” do not put 17 repetitions of “gray hair” instead you can use synonyms like “silver tones”, “grey” “graying hair”.

    A keyword phrase should (or any phrase for that matter) should not appear any more than once per 100 words unless it is a very unusual circumstance.

    Places where it is recommended keyword phrase should be are:

    • In the article Title (This is really important to search engines)
    • In the article subhead (immediately below the opening image)
    • In the first or second paragraph
    • In the last paragraph

    Keywords should not be bolded

    Keyword should not be in image captions (but it is advisable to put them in the image file name, image title and in the alternate text descriptions (kw’s in these locations are not considered stuffing).)

    Hairstyle Terms That Have High Searches (use these phrases when possible)

    o   Do not use locks, use hair instead

    o   Haircut instead of cut

    o   Hair style, hairstyle or hairdo instead of style.

    o   Hairdresser is much wider searched term than hair stylist and we should avoid just “stylist”

    o   Hair colorist is highly searched phrase


    KeywordCompetitionGlobal Monthly SearchesLocal Monthly Searches
    hairdresser salon0.087,480,0001,500,000
    hairdressing salon0.31,830,000301,000
    hairdressing salons0.31,500,000246,000
    head band0.39673,000368,000
    hair cuts0.189,140,0006,120,000
    hair products0.721,500,000823,000
    crop hair0.09222008100
    cropped hair0.11181006600
    crop hair styles0.1481002400
    Up Do
    Hair Dryer
    blow dry165,000
    Hair fringe135,000
    Hair Bangs450,000
    Clip on bangs
    Beauty School

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