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    Laser Hair Removal and Skin Treatment

    Laser Hair Removal

    Thought of trying a laser hair removal or skin treatment?

    I had my first experience with this and all I can say is . . . OMG, . . . what have I been waiting for?

    I’ve heard for quite some time, as you probably have too, that laser and light technology for skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal is like the “fountain of youth,” we’ve all been waiting for.
    “OMG, What have
    I been waiting for?”

    Of course I had read that laser skin treatments from the best dermatologists could banish at least some of the multitudes of sins that I’ve committed to my skin over the years. After all, I was an avid outdoorsy kind of girl all my life. I grew up in the great State of Minnesota, where our license plates read the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.”

    I lived on one lake in the summer months and another lake in the winter months. If it wasn’t swimming that kept me outdoors, it was horseback riding, softball, golfing, fishing, ice skating, snowmobiling and even a bit of Fall hunting. (Unlike Sarah Palin though, my prey was smaller edible creatures like, pheasants and grouse.) My point being, I was a lover of fun in the sun since the time I could walk and back then . . . who heard of sun screen? So, between that and what the simple course of aging has contributed, I found out I am a candidate who can benefit greatly from a laser skin treatment. This may also mean that I should visit a thread vein removal clinic in London!

    Ladies, after experiencing just one treatment of IPL, Intensive Pulse Light Skin Rejuvenation . . . I’m a believer! One treatment took away three nasty brown, sun damage spots on my face that were becoming more prominent every time I looked in the mirror. If laser hair removal

    IPL Skin Rejuvenation is a state of the art ‘light treatment’ that is similar to other lasers but is considered safer on the skin. IPL is a laser like ‘flashlamp’ that is flashed on the skin briefly and doesn’t penetrate as deep or as long as other typical lasers. Because of this, IPL doesn’t run the risk of burning or scaring as other lasers might.

    Laser Hair Removal
    Model with IPL photo facial treatment

    The treatment was basically painless, like a little snap at the spot being treated and I had no post treatment redness or puffiness. I only needed to wear a good sunscreen afterwards, and basically protect my skin from getting too much sun. The treatment itself only took about 20 minutes.

    It was only 8 days before I saw the brown, sun damaged spots drop off and some spider veins that were treated, faded as well. I also have a skin condition called melasma, which are brown discolorations of the skin from sun and hormone changes. I had a spot treated on my neck to see if it would help and it faded it significantly in just one treatment.

    I feel like it’s taken years off my face! I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to look in the mirror and not see those ugly brown age spots, that had cropped up from seemingly nowhere. It’s like magic . . .poof . . . they have faded out to almost nothing, in just one treatment!

    I think the most amazing thing is not feeling the need to wear makeup everywhere I go. I can run to the store without putting makeup on and feel OK with it. Before the IPL laser skin treatment, I felt the need to try to cover up those spots before leaving the house and makeup just wasn’t doing the trick anymore. I was just wearing more and more of it but the spots still showed through.

    Some good candidates for IPL Skin Rejuvenation or Hair Removal Treatments are people with;

    • Sun damage
    • Rosacea
    • Fine lines
    • Spider veins
    • Acne
    • Purple port wine stains
    • Any dark hair

    Something also worth noting; you’ve probably seen Laser hair removal services and skin rejuvenation spa’s showing up everywhere. If you haven’t then you can check out your local dermatology clinic and visit to learn more about the service. My doctor’s office started offering services about a year ago. It’s a good idea to ask how much training the person who will be administering the treatment for you has received. Are they a certified technician? Some people who do treatments have only been trained by someone else who has gone through certification.

    You are not getting the professionalism you deserve if that’s the case. They will not have been through the full training, including the hands-on experience, that someone who has gone through the certification process is required to go through.

    I’m so glad I’ve taken the plunge and gotten past all that was holding me back. It’s soooo worth it!

    For any of you readers who are in my neck of the woods and are looking for a great referral . . . I have a recommendation for you. My hairdresser of many years, Lisa Kieger, started her own business in Laser Hair and Skin Treatment two years ago. She has taken the education necessary to start her own business in this field and I can vouch for her sincere dedication and professionalism she gives her clients. She became certified as a laser technician as well as a laser safety officer and continues ongoing education related to the profession.

    And if cost has been a reason for you putting this off, check out this great deal with “Laser by Lisa,” at the link FM 107.1 Fall Cyber Sale. It’s a great way to get introduced to this modern miracle!

    Laser by Lisa
    Special Effects Salon
    2186 4th Street
    White Bear Lake, Mn. 55110

    Barb Quinn on Google+


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