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    Laser Light Skin Treatment Therapy, Week 1


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    Rejuvawand – Week 1 of my Laser Light Skin Treatment Therapy Experiment

    In week one, I have used the Rejuvawand laser light skin treatment therapy 5 times. There were two days that I fell off the program and by the time I thought to use it, I figured it was too late, or at least I thought it was. I need to contact the company to see how much I can fudge on the instructions.

    “I’ve used the laser
    light skin treatment
    therapy 5 times”

    The instructions indicated that it’s best to use the laser light skin wand at the same time every day. I think they said to wait 24 hours between treatment, but not sure how hard and fast that is meant to be. When I get home from this road trip I will call and ask, and let you know in my next post in two weeks.

    My hubby and I had an ideal moment to get away from work last Monday and decided to take a drive down the Mississippi, see if we could still catch some of the great color changes of Fall. We’ve had great weather and a nice reprieve, even if we missed the peak of fall color in this area.

    Funny year though for color change. The leaves are still on the tree’s in Dubuque, Iowa but a majority of them have turned a burnt brown or grayish green . . . Must be global warming. Anyway, I can give you a first hand experience on using the Rejuvawand on the road.

    It’s been extremely easy to use. Maybe it’s because our destination is nowhere in particular, where we are is where we are looking to be. But, I’ve found it easy to fit into my morning routine I usually have some quiet reading in the morning. I think it’s important to determine what the best time of day is upfront. It’s been no hassle to do while reading. I’ve even figured a way to read with my reading glasses, while treating the other eye . . . funny what we can come up with, in the hopes of fewer wrinkles.

    I’m treating what I’ve determined to be 5 areas. I’m not sure though how much area you can effectively treat in one 4 minute session. From the video on their website,, I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right. I’m treating the upper and lower lip as two areas, that crater between my eyes as one area, and under eyes crows feet under each eye, as two areas and the chin as one area. I haven’t committed to my forehead and chin I guess . . . and I need to do that.

    I’ll try the company’s service number, get these questions answered and give you their answer in my next post in two weeks! Look for my next update on Rejuvawand on November 16th.

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      Comment by pe — April 24, 2009 @ 12:39 pm

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