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    Layered Haircut With Bangs

    Want Versatility? Try Layers and Bangs

    I’ve had a lot of haircuts in my time. I’ve rocked a pixie, tried out the center part, got creative with bobs and even bleached my hair blonde one summer . . . but I have to say there is nothing in the world that I love more than my fringe and layers.

    Having a fringe with layers is an extraordinarily versatile haircut. It makes your hair lighter and more manageable, but you still need to put a little bit of effort into managing them to get the most out of your layers. So let’s start at the beginning:

    My biggest piece of advice is to go to the professionals to get your hair cut. (Unless you have endless amounts of practice, this is not something you want to try out in your bathroom alone.) Getting your fringe the right length and style is crucial and a stylist can help you decide on which type of bangs will fit your face properly.

    Always keep suggestions from the stylists in mind. Just because it is a popular hairstyle doesn’t mean if will necessarily look good on your face. Don’t take offense to that last statement, it just means that some hairstyles are better suited for certain faces over others. It’s all about finding the right hairstyles that will work for you.

    Layers can add volume and texture to your hair if they are treated properly. Never disregard your layers. It’s like owning a cat or a dog; if you can’t take care of it then you shouldn’t get it. Layers that are not taken care of properly will drag down your hair and make you look frumpy.

    To get the most out of your layers brush them in separate sections with a natural bristled brush. Naturally your layers will add more volume to your hair without product but if you want that extra “oomph” then as you’re brushing out each layer mist them over with hairspray. If you want that sexy bedhead look then let your hair air dry and add some mousse and finger scrunch it.

    This is a great ‘do if you want a haircut but don’t want to get it cut any shorter because you can leave the bottom layer the same length and then work your way up from there. Layering your hair is a great way to snip away all the dead ends, which will make your hair grow out faster because it won’t be breaking off.

    Layers and fringes are a super versatile look that will add volume and character to your hair no matter what look you’re going for. They’re just plain perfect.

    Guest contributor Gabe Gilker is part of the team of writers at She writes with the same passion that she has for beauty and fashion (…and a few other weird things). She’s a social media-loving, can’t-say-no-to-life kind of gal. You can see more of her great articles at or on their Facebook Page.


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    1. Thank you for your feedback Skye. If you love bangs, check out the article Which Bangs Style is Best For You?. It’s a fantastic article with several amazing bang options. I think that you’ll really appreciate it!

      Hope you have a great hair day!

      Comment by Michelle Skye — November 20, 2012 @ 5:01 pm

    2. i love layered cuts, movement. Many woman do not wear bangs and they can be cut to accent the face or hide defects such as a high forhead. I wish more woman would step out of the box and take a risk. Hair grows back they can start with a few. Thanks for the photos and styles.

      Comment by Skye — November 15, 2012 @ 3:00 pm

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