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    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2020

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    13 Gorgeous Long Hairstyles Worth Stealing

    Long hair can be a dream; the length provides a seemingly endless array of opportunities for styling.  Indeed, long haired girls never need to feel stuck in a hair rut, or at a loss of styles to wear, not with all these lovely variations to toy with. These trends are from runway and celebrity red carpet events. Take a look at these gorgeous long hairstyles that are trending in 2014!


    Side Swept Blowout

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    This kind of blowout refers to the stick-straight hair. The side swept ‘do was all the rave in 2013 but most of these hairstyles leaned more towards side swept waves. The trend continues in 2014 but with minor alterations – the ends are now slick instead of wavy. The hair from the crown towards the middle is designed to be sleek for an ultra posh look. There could also be a hint of wave at the ends but keep it subtle.


    Slicked Back

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    This is one hairstyle that is absolutely inspired by runway looks. The hairstyle is characterized by its optimum shine and a slicked back sides and crown that almost falls flat to the head. You can let the ends fall loosely or with a mixed texture. There is also a glossy, almost wet, finish to this look.


    Mixed Textures

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    This mix of textures creates a new modification to an old look. This hairstyle starts with a center parting (zigzag in this case) styled to achieve a crisp finish. Hairstylists suggest using gel or pomade on the top only in order to achieve the different textures. This look constitutes a flat, slicked look on top with soft, loose waves from the middle to the ends of the hair.


    Messy Braids

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    Expect braids to stick around for a long while and in 2014, hairstylists predict they are going to be bigger than ever. Whether you are going for a glossy or matte look, it always ends up looking messy. This is the perfect go-to look for women on-the-go.



    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    “Splashlights” are the new “ombre” for 2014.  This one will turn heads and is for the brave and bold!  If you want to take color for your long hair to new heights, you should put “splashlights” on your to-do list.. This color effect is characterized by the horizontal band of color cutting across your hair from one ear to the other. Hence, it looks like a brilliant beam of light “splashing” across your hair!


    Heavy Fringe

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    Bangs are another hairstyle trend that hit big in 2013. But in keeping with the trend, the fringe is going to be even bigger in 2014! Here is your chance to sport that heavy side or front fringe and stand out from other long-haired women!


    Ornate Ponytails

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    The ponytail is a favorite go-to look for women with long hair, and it needn’t be boring.  In 2014 the ponytail is taking on a higher profile with more elaborate styling. Think of big volume at the back, on top or throughout the tail, or maybe adding a wide headband with a low ponytail. The styling opportunities are endless!


    Extreme Side Part

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    A prevailing trend for top 2014 hairstyles is the androgynous look. This is exemplified by an extreme side part that delivers a boyish tone to any look with a sleek comb-over. The irony of this boyish look is that it exudes extreme confidence in a women and is utterly sexy.


    Sleek Half-Up, Half-Down

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    Another classic hairstyle favorite for women with long hair is the half-up, half-down hairstyle. However, the classic look is often worn with soft waves or curls on the ends. You can go for the hot 2014 trend wherein this look is worn sleek from the front to the crown and all the way to the ends.


    Slept-in Texture

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    The beachy wave was popular for its ability to exude an undone look – effortless style that is both casual and sexy. The slept-in texture that is starting to get big for 2014 is going to take that up a notch. The waves are softer and sleeker than beachy waves; as in second day hair, or your hair after you just slept in it, thus the name.


    Disheveled Top Knot

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    When you want to put your long hair up, the disheveled top knot is a great option in 2014. This hair might look like a hot mess but it is undeniably sexy. The characteristics of a disheveled knot includes no particular part, lots of smaller pieces of hair falling out of the knot, and lots and lots of texture!


    Segmented Ponytail

    Long Hair Styles Trending for 2014

    Looking for a fun and creative way to liven up your ponytail? Go for a segmented ponytail! It is up to you to create as many segments as you’d like (it can vary based on hair length and thickness). You can even opt for exaggerated bulges in-between each section for a more dramatic effect.

    Which of these long hairstyle trends for 2014 are you planning to try or are already rocking?

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