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    Medium Hair has Short Hair Options

    medium Haristyle

    Medium Hair Looks Short

    “Medium Hair Styled
    to Look Short”
    Did you know you can make your medium hair look like a short hair cut? The first time I saw this hairstyling illusion of morphing medium hair into short hair, it shocked me! It was done to a perfection. Shari, a hairdresser friend of mine, who actually has long naturally curly hair and the innate ability to entirely change the way she looks, showed up for a music concert all dolled up and with what the rest of us thought was a new short hair cut.

    We were all shocked, (*six hairdressers) that she had cut all her gorgeous long curly hair off but at the same time, we all thought her new short hair cut looked fabulous!

    We were all spoofed! Shari had magnificently styled her medium hair into a great looking short hair cut! Sorry I don’t have a picture of her hairstyle to show you how real this faux hairstyle can look. But, I found that Michele Obama had pulled off a sort of faux short hairstyle from her medium hair, herself the other night at a country music celebration at the White House and it reminded me of how it can be done.

    This short hair style look is created easily with her medium hair length. With medium hair, she easily pulls the sides and back into a low, flattened bun and pins it discreetly with bobby pins.

    In order to pull this off, whether you have medium hair or long hair, you will need layers in your hairstyle. There are so many different ways to layer hair and some styles of layering will work out better than others for morphing into a short hairstyle look. I believe the only layering in Michele Obama’s hair is in her bangs. But no matter if you have medium hair or long hair, you will need to pin the excess of your hair flat to the nape of your neck and then work the upper layers into the hairstyle.

    That’s about all the styling techniques I can give you because it’s so dependent on your particular hairstyle. But now that you know it’s possible, just play around with it and see what you can come up with. Try different hair accessories you have available too to disguise your overall hair length. If you have a creative hairdresser you could ask them for their opinion on your options for this type of styling.

    So how do you like Michele Obama’s creation of medium hair to short? I think the short hair looks great on her for a change!

    Medium HaiMichell Obama
    Medium Hair Michelle ObamaMedium Hair Styled to look Short

    For more great mid length looks check out our Pinterest Medium Hairstyles Board.

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