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    Flat Irons


    Flat Iron Hairstyles Are Not For Everybody

    After writing yesterday’s blog on the new ceramic flat irons, I began to think about how many of you should think twice about going so flat with your hair style. I didn’t mention anything about how many women I’ve seen who have had this straight hair look backfire.

    “Flat Irons are Not for Everybody”

    Like any new hair style trend, some will run right out and get the new look from their hairdresser without asking the question; will this flat iron hairstyle enhance or detract from my appearance? Not all face shapes will look good with the flat, straight hair look. Here are two that immediately come to mind:

    Flat Irons

    Avoid Flat Iron Hairstyles


    • Oblong oval face shapes . . . If you are one of these you’ll want to avoid a flat iron straight hairstyle, particularly if it is jawbone length or longer, it will make your face appear even longer and narrower.



    Flat Irons
    Avoid Flat Iron Hairstyles

    • Oblong face shapes . . . it will not only make your face shape look longer, but it will also look more severe. That’s because your face shape has straight lines from approximately your temples to your jaw line, and straight hair against those straight lines looks more severe. For more information on your face shape and how it affects which hairstyle is best for you visit the Visual-Makeover face shape page.



    If you use a flat iron ask your hairdresser for hair care product advice. If the salon products are beyond your budget, find the similar products over the counter. You most likely will need to condition your hair, use a thermal active lotion, possibly a straightening balm and possibly a shine spray or serum. Don’t use a flat iron if you have fragile hair from over processing; I think you know who you are, but if you don’t, that’s understandable in that we all can become conditioned to some extent to the condition of our own hair. Assuming you have confidence in your hairdressers opinion, ask the question: How much is too much?

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    1. i think this sit is very handed and it help me a lot with my college work and also my normal work i get to plan my next hair stly the night before work the next morning many thx

      Comment by nick — November 7, 2005 @ 12:14 pm

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