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    Natural Curly Hair Styling Tips

    Natural Curly Hair Styles

    Summer is coming, here’s how to smooth and define your natural curly hair

    Are you blessed or, as some would say cursed, with naturally curly hair? I guess both sides have legitimacy. Natural curls, when cooperating, are God-sent, maybe even angelic-like! It all seems to be in the hands of Mother Nature as to how your natural curls will turn out from one day to the next.
    The humidity in the air has everything to do with curly girls having a good or bad hair day. And with summer days almost here again, its time to get a strategy! Make it easy on yourself and work with your hair type. First, find the right hair care product and next discover a few quick and easy hair styling techniques.

    I have naturally wavy to curly hair. It’s become more curly over the years, where I guess I can change the description of my hair type to curly hair. Mine is the curly hair type, that with scrunching in the right product to my heavily layered hair, it curls great for a day. On day two, it will then relax into waves. With the right hair cut and hair care product, its easy. Those of you with my hair type can also straighten your hair easily until the summer months.  But come summer (hopeful thinking) spending a little time styling hair with the right curly hair care product,   . . . voila! . . . good hair days and peace ensue!!

    Here is a simple hair styling technique video from TIGI, that works great for those of you with some natural curl to your hair.  I use this curl amplifier by TIGI, Catwalk, Curls Rock, when I want more curl definition to my scrunched in curly hairstyle. It works great, but less is more with this product. Note the small amount this girl uses in her long hair. It’s easy to use too much, even with the way they try to limit the way it dispenses. I find if I add water to my palms it thins it down a bit and works better for my hair. Experiment, don’t give up on the product if it seems too much at first. Also, the less you manipulate the hair as it dries, the smoother the curl.

    For pictures of great looks check out our Pinterest Curly Hairstyles and Wavy Hairstyles Boards.


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    1. I have naturally very curly hair which when wet goes down to my bum, so its very long. I have been using Curls Rock for 5 years now and swear by it. I always wear my hair out (its pretty heavy in a pony tail and gives headaches) and go with the natural curl and I really really love it. My styling routine is to wash with Tigi shampoo and conditioner and comb out the knots with the conditioner in and I do not wash the conditioner out. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HAIR WHEN IT IS DRYING. I wrap it in a towel first then put my curls rock through and pin it in sections to my head until it dries. Then take it out and hear the compliments roll in ;-)

      Comment by Rachel — March 17, 2009 @ 11:02 pm

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