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New Hairstyles from Celebrity Hairdresser Ken Paves

New Hairstyles

New Hairstyles from Ken Paves – Turning your hair from drab to fab

Celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves is a celebrity in his own right. He has styled such celebrities as Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez. Ken Paves has ideas for new hairstyles this season as well as tips on how to keep your hair looking just as good as his celebrity clients.

Use baby powder to soak up excess shine from hair instead of shampooing. I agree with Ken Paves when he recommends that you should join the no shampoo crowd by avoiding shampooing every day (or even every other day). For those of you who are shampoo-aholics, this may seem like a stretch, but I assure you that it is much better for your hair. Barb has written extensively on the no shampoo controversy. To help extend the days in between washings, sprinkle baby powder on your roots and brush through to soak up excess oil and shine. As a bonus, this trick may boost volume in limp locks.

New Hairstyles Tip # 2

Ken Paves suggests keeping curly locks in check with a shine serum. Curly hair is more prone to frizz and fuzz and a shine serum will help keep both at bay. Apply a few drops in your palm and distribute to towel-dried hair evenly. Then let your hair air dry for the best results. If you then want to loosen your overly curly hair, you can do so with a large barrel curling iron.

New Hairstyles Tip # 3

Add layers in long hair to create a fresh and uplifted look. New hairstyles don’t have to be completely different from what you have now. If you currently have long hair, ask your hairdresser to add in a few long layers and face framing layers as well to soften your look. Layers will also add body and boost volume.

New Hairstyles

New hairstyles can be created with a simple change of your part and a few curls here and there to create a glam look.

Celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves is known for the glamorous hairstyles he creates for his clients. His suggestion for new hairstyles? Go glamorous, of course! You can up the glam factor by parting your hair deep to one side. This creates a lot of drama to your style and Paves says that it creates an ‘old Hollywood’ look.

Get even more glamour by curling a few pieces of hair around your face with a small barrel curling iron.  Other ways to increase the glamour of your hair style is to add unique looking hair accessories. Ken  says he seeks out antique looking buttons that he adds to hair clips to create a one-of-a-kind barrette.

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