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    Smooth Hair Without a Flat Iron

    The essential hair stying brushes

    How to Style Your Hair Smooth Without Using a Flat Iron

    The flat iron may be the most popular hairstyling tool for achieving smooth hair. It is a quick, simple way to get that flat finish, but the direct heat from the iron often creates more damaging effects on the hair than a blow dryer.

    Here is an easy way to achieve virtually the same smooth look using a blow dryer and a few brushes that you probably already have in your drawer.

    What you will need:

    • Use a heat protector, smoothing serum or styling gel on wet hair before you begin drying.
    • Make use of the directional nozzle that came with your blow dryer. The directional nozzle is an important tool in your styling arsenal as it helps keep the flow of air right where you want it, instead of blowing all the hair around, causing frizz.
    • Finish the hair with argan oil or another shine product. It will seal the cuticle, taming fly-away’s and adding that final touch of glam.

    Start with a Paddle Brush

    Do the majority of the drying with a paddle bush; a wide brush with lots of bristles close together. (Don’t even think of using a vent brush.) A paddle brush will grab the hair tighter for a smoother result. Brush hair from the base of  the neck upward and forward, following the brush with the blow dryer as you work your way through the hair. It may be easiest to turn your head upside down while blow drying to get the back of your head.

    Blow dry the hair in the opposite direction of the way you want it to end up, drawing it smooth from roots to ends with the paddle brush.

    It is at this stage that your hair may become fairly frizzy and you will think you must be doing it wrong. But don’t stop! At this point you’re halfway there!

    Next, use a Round Brush

    Don’t let the round brush scare you. I have tangled a round brush in my hair before, but trust me, once you learn the trick to using a round brush, you will love it!

    Once the hair is 75% dry or more using the paddle brush, use a round brush to finish the drying process. Waiting until this point in the drying process to use the round brush will save you time and save your wrists from getting tired from the turning.

    The size of the round brush you choose will be determined by the length of your hair and the amount of fullness or bend you want on the ends of the hair. The larger the brush, the smoother your finished hair will be. A brush with a metal center will  help expedite the drying and smoothing process.

    Be aggressive, but don’t abuse your hair. Stretch the remaining wave out of the hair as you blow dry finish your style with the round brush. The trick to keep from tangling your hair in the brush is to NEVER wind the hair on the brush from the ends all the way to the roots. You can use the round brush from the roots to the ends in order to get the hair completely smooth, but  don’t wind the hair on the brush until your brush reaches the ends of the hair. Dry the hair until it is bone-dry. If you leave any moisture in the hair, it will revert.

    That’s it!  By now your hair will be smooth and shiny in a healthier way!

    Guest Author: The Beauty Lady is a 28-year hair salon professional and educator, based in California. She is the author of Go Inspire Beauty, where she offers beauty advice, tips, tricks, and product recommendations to help you look and feel your best.

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    1. I actuallyt prefer using my karmin g3 salon pro hair dryer because my hair looks a lot more defined, organized, and healthy :)

      Comment by Mel Stevens — January 7, 2014 @ 10:45 am

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