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Face Lift Without Surgery


Face Lift Without Surgery


Wrinkles? Try a Face Lift Without Surgery!

I don’t know about you, but slowly and surely, sometimes day by day, new wrinkles, brown spots, reds spots, bags, sags and who knows what, seem to appear out of nowhere! I guess we all know it’s inevitable we won’t keep that skin of our youth forever, but still, when it comes . . . well, all I can say is . . . arrrrrg!

“A Face Lift Without Surgery”

If you’ve read my past posts, you know I teach a class on-line and locally at a number of educational facilities called, “Finding the Right Hairstyle for You!” The remark comes up often, “Now I’ve found hairstyles I like, what can I do about these wrinkles!”

Well, another class taught in our area, (I’m a class junkie, I admit it,) is one I usually refer the women in my classes to, it’s called, “Face Lift Without Surgery” Good title, huh? Now, I can’t claim that it works, but it seems to me to be as good or better than some other alternatives, and worth a try.

Facial exercises. We work out in the gym to tone our sagging muscles, why not try the same concept on our facial muscles? What have we got to loose? Certainly, we don’t have to dole out thousands of dollars to do it. And, we shouldn’t be black and blue after a session.

Here is part of her course description;

You Can Lift & Tone Your Face in Just Minutes a Day!

In just one session, Kathy Maxwell will teach you a series of facial exercises that will help maintain and rejuvenate your facial muscle tone. This fun, fast, all-natural method takes just minutes a day and requires no drugs, electricity or surgery.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Look 10-15 years younger
  • Enjoy more radiant skin
  • Tighten droopy eyelids, sagging cheeks and double chins.

Plus: Proper skin care – and how to get the best results… The secret to poutier, more youthful lips… Q&A… And more. You’ll notice immediate results!
Sign up today.

Kathleen M. Maxwell, your instructor, is a skin care expert and nutritionist. Her purpose and goal is to bring awareness to everyone that we can look younger longer and have healthy skin… Kathleen’s philosophy is “if we must age, we may as well look good doing it; relax and age with grace!”

If you live in the St. Paul, Minneapolis area you can find her at the Learning Annex

Look for a class in your area, give a call to your local Community Education Facilities. The advantage to being in a “face to face” class is that you can get questions answered on technique, and it’s important you do the exercise correctly. But if none are to be found here are some face lift without surgery articles that you’ll find helpful.


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