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Red Carpet Hairstyles Worth Copying

Red Carpet Hairstyles 1

The Fashionista’s Guide to Red Carpet Hairstyles

It’s red carpet hairstyle season once again! You probably spent most of your time scouring the red carpet for ideas and inspiration from A-list celebrities and personalities for fashion and hairstyle trends. And we did get quite a lot of them in the recent red carpet appearances, particularly noting the 2015 Golden Globes Awards and the 2015 Critics’ Choice Awards. If you are looking to get some celebrity hair inspiration or hairstyle trend ideas worth trying this new year, make sure to check them out below.

Bombshell Hair

Red Carpet Hairstyles 2

This was one of the most talked-about looks during the 2015 Golden Globe awards not just for her stunning gown, but also for her perfectly styled bombshell waves. Experts recommend that you start by allowing hair to naturally dry first. Then, use clip-in extensions to create volume, especially around the crown area. Work on dividing two-inch sections of hair for the extensions to look natural. If you want to create more volume, simply place the extensions higher on the head.

When the extensions are clipped in, start backcombing the hair and spritz a long lasting hold hairspray. This will ensure that the perfectly volumized hair stays that way all night. Then, use a 2-inch barrel curling iron to add soft curls to the hair. The soft but defined curls will bring that retro vibe to the hairstyle, just like it did for Jennifer Lopez.


Red Carpet Hairstyles Braids

Who said that braids are going to lose steam in 2015? Definitely not true! Celebrities Emily Blunt and Joanne Froggatt proved that braids are here to stay. Both women sported Grecian braids on the red carpet!


Red Carpet Hairstyles the LOB

Red Carpet Hairstyles LOB 2

Another hairstyle trend that has proven its staying power – the lob! In fact, this is one of the most talked about hairstyles on the red carpet during the award season so far. Sienna Miller’s perfectly textured lob to Naomi Watt’s soft curls . . . there are several hairstyling ideas to get inspiration from at the red carpet.

Sleek Hair

Red Carpet Hairstyles 3

Red Carpet Hairstyles 4

This is one of the most difficult hairstyles to pull off, but nonetheless one of the most head-turning, too. Hair that is styled super sleek and straight (in some cases even with a wet look) was quite a hit on the red carpet as showcased by celebrities like Marion Cotillard, Camilla Alves and Maria Menounos.

Effortless Curls

Red Carpet Hairstyles 5

Red Carpet Hairstyles Curls

There is nothing more romantic and glam than hair that is curled to perfection. Whether it’s a retro side swept curls or a touch of wavy ends, you can expect for this hairstyle to never be missing on the red carpet.

Hair Accessories

Red Carpet Hairstyles Accessories

Red Carpet Hairstyles 7

Fun and unexpected accessories can definitely perk up a regular hairstyle. The addition of these unique hairstyles certainly made Emma Stone’s and Keira Knightley’s hairstyles stand out even more.

What was your favorite red carpet hairstyle so far this year? Any of these hairstyles you want to try?

Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

How to Dress Up Your Fishtail Braid


3 Smart Dress Up Fishtail Braid Strategies

If you’re reading this, I would assume that you already know what a fishtail braid is. It is one of the most popular types of braid because of the undone look that reminds a lot of women of the off-duty model kind of hair. At the same time, it can add a whole lot to your look rendering it more stylish than your average braid. Indeed, it is a go-to hairstyle for women, especially during summer time when your strands can easily misbehave. The good thing about a fishtail braid is that even though your hair can get a bit messy, it still feels and looks like part of your overall hairstyle. Hence, you do not have to worry about setting everything in place.

But even though the fishtail braid is quite popular, you can get weary sometimes especially if you have done the same hairstyle over and over again. If you would insist on wearing a fishtail braid, why not try unique variations to the braided hairstyle? Here are some ideas you can try to make your average fishtail braid more fun and exciting!

Fishtail Headband

fishtail headband

fishtail headband

This is an easy but gorgeous way to style your fishtail braid. And the best part about doing a fishtail headband is that it works for all types of hair textures and lengths. Essentially, you can create this hairstyle by forming two fishtail braids on the opposing sides of your head. Then, you drape those two braided sections under the crown where you can secure them to form a headband.

Fishtail Bun

fishtail bun

There are no hard and fast rules to create a fishtail bun. You can try it braiding tiny sections of hair into a fishtail braid and then twisting it around a bun. Or, you can also try braiding your hair from the crown until the end of the hair where you can twist it into a bun. This is a casual yet feminine hairstyle that isn’t too undone or too messy either.

Side Twist Fishtail Braid

Side Twist Fishtail Braid

This is another feminine take on the fishtail braid. It is a great hairstyle to wear if you prefer to let your hair down, which also gives a boho feel to your look. You start by forming a side part. Then, twisting one side of your hair from the front and then starting a braid right near your ear. Continue braiding until you reach the end. Let the braided section fall loosely to the side of your hair for a casual and free-spirited hairstyle.

Halo Fishtail Braid

Halo Fishtail Braid

Halo and milkmaid braids are also quite popular for women who love to wear their hair in an updo. Hence, why not try combining these braided hairstyles into one look? Start by braiding small sections of your hair in a fishtail braid and then using those sections to form a halo or milkmaid braid. It gives a modern update to this classic hairstyle.

Over the Shoulder Fishtail Braid

Over the Shoulder Fishtail Braid

This is a simple update to your average fishtail braid: simply start from the top of your hair (right where the part is) and then allowing it to run down towards the end of the hair. Bring your hair together over to one side to make it look like your braid runs down from the root towards the ends where it rests on your shoulder.

Rope Fishtail Braid

rope fishtail braid

rope fishtail braid

A rope fishtail braid is another fun twist to your fishtail braid arsenal. The key factor here is to prep your hairstyle so that it achieves lots of texture and volume.

What is your favorite way to wear a fishtail braid? Any fun ideas you’d like for us to try? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

Hair Spotlight: The Lob Haircut

The Lob Haircut
What Celebrities Know about the Lob Haircut That You May Not Have Considered

The lob, or long bob haircut, and its relatives (the bob and wavy bob) are taking the hairstyle industry by storm. When famous celebrities like Kaley Cuoco or Lauren Conrad decided to chop off their long, beautiful locks for a shorter ‘do, suddenly everyone got curious and wanted to jump into the bandwagon. It is fun and daring to go for such a big hair change, especially for those who have sported long hair for most of their lives. But there is an upside to choosing to go for a lob, aside from an instantaneous desire to go with the trend.

The lob haircut is the happy medium between a bob and a long hair. It is neither too long nor too short. It is also an ultra feminine look that requires minimal styling without losing its versatility. But before you go exploring the many ways you can style a lob haircut, it is important to get a few things straightened out first.

Can You Wear a Lob?

The Lob Haircut 2

Even though a long bob will suit mostly anyone, and is good for any hair type, it is important to ask this question first. If you are not sure, you can speak to your hairstylist if the cut would suit you. This haircut has nothing to do with your face shape. However, this might not be ideal for those with super thick or thin hair. For women with thick hair, chopping off your locks would entail a ton of work and it must also be thinned out because a bulky set of hair will never look good on a lob. A good remedy for thick hair is to go for a longer haircut and simply go for the textured look similar to most lob hairstyles.

The Lob Haircut 7

Meanwhile, if you have super thin hair, a bob might be better suited for you. If you choose a haircut that falls right between your jaw and shoulders, it is easy for your hair to become (and look) stringy. The lack of thickness might not be able to support this kind of texture. Plus, the length will also make your hair look thinner than it already is!

Styling a Lob

The Lob Haircut 3

One way to wear a lob is soft and flowing form. This hairstyle features soft curls for that light and easy look that can be easily transitioned from day to night. This can be styled with the use of a 1-1/2 inch barrel curling iron and the misted with a medium hold hairspray to finish. For more volume, you can flip your hair and make sure it is lifted off its roots.

The Lob Haircut 6>/p>

Adding soft layers on a lob is another great way to style this haircut. Start off by spraying your hair with your blow drying spray. Make sure that the hair is coated from roots to ends. Then, separate hair into small sections before blow drying them. Use a round brush to turn the ends under as you blow dries each section. This is a great styling technique for women with medium to thick hair.

The Lob Haircut 5

One of the most popular ways to style a lob these days is with an asymmetrical finish. Prep your hair with a straightening cream before blow drying with the use of a paddle or flat brush. Wait for hair to dry before dividing it into three different sections. Set your flat iron on the lowest heat setting before working it into 1-inch section of hair at a time. When you reach the end of the hair, turn your wrist slightly to create a soft bend.

The Lob Haircut 4

To maintain your lob haircut, make sure to visit your hairdresser every 5 weeks. This will help you maintain the length to around the collarbone or else it will look awkward once it starts to grow out.

What is your favorite way to style a long bob haircut?

Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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