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    Paula Abdul Hairstyles will be missed

    Paula Abdul 1

    Paula Abdul’s Hairstyles Are Memorable

    Paula Abdul has been a fixture on American Idol since 2002 and has contributed lots to the shows success. I thought she especially improved last year in her assessments and with more helpful, mentoring comments for the contestants. I chalked her improvements up to both competition and experience. Having another woman added on the judges panel did throw in another dimension to the show though, don’t you think? But another noticeable improvement last year was Paula Abdul’s hairstyles
    “Paula Abdul Hairstyles will be Missed”
    Paula Abdul has always been a “colorful” character and has never been shy about changing her fashion and hairstyles. Paula Abdul’s hairstyles last year were especially fun to watch. Her hairdresser did a magnificent job of changing her look from week to week. Her hairdresser would create a look to match the genre of the music performed; rock, jazz, country, 40’s, 70’s . . . whatever the genre, when appropriate, her hairstyle reflected the era. That added to the entertainment value of the show, at least for all fashionista’s out there.

    So, we’ve all heard Paula Abdul has been in the throws of negotiations in recent months but just last night she made a “verified” tweet saying, “With sadness in my heart, I’ve decided not to return to ‘Idol.” I’ll miss nurturing all the new talent, but most of all I’ll [miss] being a part of a show that I helped from day1 become an international phenomenon.”

    There is all sorts of speculation out there on the dollar amounts being paid everyone on the show, amounts that most of us have a hard time understanding.  The Washington Post reported, “Paula Abdul had been making about $4 mill a year as a judge and reportedly had tried to up that to $20 million in current talks; last word was that she was seeking about $12 mill. According to a source familiar with the negotiations, Abdul walked away from an offer to increase her salary 30 percent to return the show. Judge Simon Cowell recently struck a new deal that reportedly will pay him about $45 million. Heck, even show host Ryan Seacrest scored $30 million over three years for hosting, and half again as much in his new pact for merchandising rights to his mug.”

    Anyways, Paula Abdul has been great at remaking herself all throughout her career and I’ll miss her style & hairstyles on this season of “American Idol.” Here is an interesting timeline from on Paula’s biography that shows just how resilient this woman is;

    Paula Abdul 2
    Paula Abdul American Idol Top 13 party
    Paula Abdul 3
    Paula Abdul, March 2009 Kids Choice Awards
    Paula Abdul 4
    Paula Abdul, January 2009 Fox All-Star Party
    Paula Abdul 5
    Paula Abdul and Ryan Seacrest at Alma Awards

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