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    Pixie Cut Hair Trend

    Pixie Cut Hair

    Is the pixie cut hair style for you?

    Cate Blanchett is the newest celebrity to jump on the pixie cut hair style wagon this summer.  Cate proudly showed off her new pixie cut at last night’s Tony Awards Show.
    Hayden Panttiere, Carrie Mulligan, Jessica Stroup, Michelle Williams, Janet Jackson and Victoria Beckman have all recently chopped off their locks to a simple, summer pixie cut hair style. See their new pixie cut hair styles here.

    I think the pixie cut hair style suits Cate Blanchett. It’s not my favorite hairstyle on her, but she still wears it well, with ease and poise and that’s what counts. Cate exudes self-confidence and that’s an important trait to have when making such a daring move . . . believe me.

    “Pixie Cut Hair is a
    Smash on Cate”
    Seasoned hairdressers know the clients who can handle this type of hairstyle change from those who would have some serious regrets after the fact! It’s a bold move for most women to cut off shoulder length hair like Cate’s, to a pixie cut hair style. So what should take into consideration before going for it?

    Best face shapes for the pixie cut is oval and heart with nice bone structure.  The pixie cut is also best on women with a petite frame.

    The pixie cut hair style is as easy as it gets for hair maintenance . . . just be sure if you’re thinking of cutting off more than 6 inches of hair, that it’s not a ‘spur of the moment’ decision. If you’ve decided to ‘cut it off’ in the midst of lots of stress in your life . . . give yourself some time and consult with your hairdresser about your decision.



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