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    Postpartum Hair Loss Treatments

    Postpartum Hair Loss Treatment

    Postpartum Hair Loss Treatments: Everyday Solutions and Quick Fixes

    Postpartum hair loss in women is a real issue. My clients who are new moms were always coming to me asking what they could do about this issue, and before I had my baby, I would just direct them to some volumizing products and tell them that it’ll all be ok.

    But when I had my daughter last year I found out firsthand how horrifying this hair loss can be. I also found out what causes it, what to do about it and how to cope with it. Postpartum hair loss occurs because during pregnancy, your hair falls out due to your raging hormones. This is why you have that beautifully thick and lush hair during pregnancy.

    After you deliver your baby, your hormones go back to their old self, causing not only your regular amount of hair to be shed but also the additional amount of hair you kept on while pregnant as well!

    Postpartum hair loss in women typically occurs after your baby is three months old or so. This extra shedding makes it seem as though you are going bald (that’s how I felt at least). Don’t worry, you will not go bald!

    If you are starting to find extra strands of hair in your brush, on the bathroom floor and in your shower drain, you are probably losing your hair due to postpartum hair loss. I remember finding hair in these places, but everywhere else too; in the nursery, on my pillow, on my clothes . . . EVERYWHERE!

    To help combat this hair loss, check with your doctor to see if  you can continue taking your prenatal vitamins, or take a multi-vitamin so that you get all the nutrients you need to keep what hair you have where it belongs . . . on your head.

    Also, you can try new hairstyles that don’t constrict your hair strands. I liked wearing my hair in a thick, cloth headband. It kept my hair out of my eyes so I could tend to baby and gave me a cute style too. Avoid pulling hair back into a ponytail or bun that can cause breakage and further hair loss. You can also try a shorter new ‘hairdo‘ which  is super stylish right now!

    If you are in the midst of postpartum hair loss right now, try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As quickly as it starts to fall out, it stops just as fast. Then, it will help to know, you are going to have tiny little ‘baby’ hairs growing in and sticking out for a few months.

    A new way of styling your hair or a new hairstyle will  help to accompany this stage as well. This is where the headbands came back in as a regular accessory for me. I used the headbands to hide these new little hairs that were popping in on my hairline.

    Postpartum hair loss in women begins while you are a brand new mommy, around three months postpartum, and should end by your child’s first birthday. My hair loss only lasted a few months (thank goodness), but sometimes it lasts longer and sometimes it lasts shorter. If you experience having hair loss for longer than a year, check with your doctor to see if there is another underlying issue causing this increased loss of hair.

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