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    Home Remedies Damaged Dry Hair

    Attractive Woman Examining Her Damaged Dry Hair

    Tips for treating summer damaged dry hair

    PROBLEM: Your hair feels fried and looks as dull as driftwood.

    HOW DAMAGED DRY HAIR HAPPENS: Chlorine and saltwater sap moisture from already dry damaged hair and rough up its cuticles, giving it that lack-luster look. Overusing hair care products, which is common in heat and humidity, can also cause dullness. “The more product residue, the less light your hair is going to reflect,” says Keith Harold. Translation: no shine.

    TO FIX DAMAGED DRY HAIR NOW: Use a heated iron on your hair (a flat iron if you wear it straight; a curling iron if you like waves or curls). The heat from these tools seals the cuticles, letting hair lie flat and reflect more light. Just don’t overdo it. Using these tools more than a couple of times a week can make hair even drier.

    TO PREVENT DAMAGED DRY HAIR NEXT TIME: Use a clarifying shampoo to rinse away product buildup and any residue left by chlorine or salt water. (Try Kenra Clarifying Shampoo) These formulations are gentle on dry, color-treated, and damaged dry hair. Glaze your hair. Both salon and at-home glazes protect all hair types from sun damage and seal in moisture by combining mild dyes with shine enhancers to leave strands smooth and glossy. (Try John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine)

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