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How to Protect Your Skin From Hair Color

Woman Applying Hair Dye to Her Hair at Home
A Smart Way to Protects Skin From Hair Color Stain

If you’re getting your hair coloring done in a hair salon your hairdresser does it for a living and knows a trick or two when it comes to protecting skin from hair dye stain. So you’re not likely to see a product like this in a professional hair salon.

But, for those of you who color your hair at home, Ingenuity Products, Skin Shield Wand should be in your medicine cabinet to protect skin from hair color stain. Some of the hair color dyes and chemicals can be pretty harsh, by smearing a skin protectant cream could be pretty handy. The price is reasonable, I saw the product online at Walgreens at under $5.

It comes in the form of a cream based on shea butter, which provides moisturizing and ultra hydration properties, which has anti-oxidant Vitamin E to fight free radicals and help protect the skin from the oxidative effects of hair color dye.

It also has aloe vera, known for its high mineral and vitamin content, as well as its healing properties, together with Pretectin-22, a derivative of rapeseed oil, said to ionically repel positively charged hair color dyes.


If by chance you didn’t take preventative steps to begin with and have already got some hair dye stains check out this article on how to remove hair dye from skin.


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