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    Quick Hairstyling Tips For Long Hair

    Quick Hairstyles

    Tips on How to Spend Less Time Making Your Long Hair Look Great

    If you’re sick and tired of spending precious moments fighting with unruly long hair, trying to jazz up an old long hair style, these tricks might help with that quick and easy hair style quest.

    • Let long, straight hair catch the wave. To give flat hair gorgeous volume, all you need are four large Velcro rollers. Then use the following technique: First, mist your hair with a volumizing hair spray. Set one or two rollers in front, winding them toward the back of your head. Secure them with metal hair clips, if necessary. Next, curl a section of hair by each ear, rolling hair under this time. Leave the rollers in for 10 minutes, then brush out your hair. You’ll have waves just around your face where they look their best.

    • Comb mousse through all your hair from roots to ends, Massage in until you see no more mousse, Then take medium-sized sections and twist them until they buckle back on themselves. Secure the ends with a band or a clip and continue twisting sections. Set your hair dryer on high and blast each section with heat as you turn it around so both the front and back are dried. Dry each section, then loosen the ends and finger-fluff hair. Leave sections somewhat separated.

    • Don’t forget the magic of a curling iron. Curl a single lock at the side of your face for an accent or use a barrel iron to give ends a quick flip or smoothly turn them under. Take large sections and hold each for no more than 10 seconds.

    Article courtesy of Harris Publications

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